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3 measures to reduce transportation costs at your distributor

If you’re a pet food distributor, you probably know how much logistics is a strategic (not just an operational) part of your business. For this reason, finding the best measures to reduce transportation costs can be critical not only as a simple savings, but as a solution that directly impacts the distributor’s profit margin.

In this article, we highlight 3 fundamental points that you should know to optimize this sector and also the management of your company. See how some details such as route planning optimizing logistical processes, the inclusion of technology in the processes and also the search for the right partners can completely change transport costs. Good reading!

1- Design cargo routing optimizing logistics

Does your distributor offer a pre-sale or prompt delivery model to take food to pet shops and even end consumers? Regardless of the sales format, systematization of delivery can reduce fleet idleness, resulting in great savings. After all, normally the employees responsible for sending the orders are hired and receive even if there is no work at a certain time. To make a proper scripting, it is important to create a document, which can be digital, comprising all deliveries with dates and locations. Thus, it is possible to find the most productive routes for your company, reducing costs and making your distributor more competitive.

2- Automate processes as one of the measures to reduce transport costs

The digital transformation in companies was a very important milestone for the most diverse niches. Today, it is already possible to monitor fleets in real time, in addition to using applications that help to automatically find the most efficient paths. By automating processes, for example, using a transport and logistics management system, you make the operation more productive.

In addition to reducing the distributor’s costs, the advantage of having technologies in the process is the collection and storage of data relevant to the business. This can generate insights to increase productivity and even improve the quality of animal feed transport.

3- Search for suppliers with multiple distribution centers

One of the essential factors when it comes to reducing transportation costs is partnering with the ideal pet food supplier. The supplier’s main asset is when it has several distribution centers for the product mix. This is the case of Matsuda Pet, which is present from north to south of the country. Thus, you can focus your strategy with product delivery logistics and reduce purchasing costs.

Did you see how reducing transportation costs can be a very efficient process in your distributor? If you own a pet food store, you’ve probably noticed how much this business model depends on developing logistics both to optimize costs and to improve the quality of service and customer relationships. Therefore, it is essential to find the best routes and partners.

Another very important point for the distributor is in the packaging of animal feed. Read our article on product storage and see practical tips to implement at your distributor!

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