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3 simple strategies for distributors

The consumption profile of Brazilians has been changing a lot in recent years, however, with the covid-19 pandemic, the practice of shopping online has increased even more.

This does not mean that physical stores have their days numbered, but that they must update their commercial activity.

In this sense, new practices need to come into play, so in addition to having a good product mix and differentiated service, it is important to know how to sell through WhatsApp.

Continue reading to learn how to start this practice at your pet distributor, as we bring 3 good strategies that will help you a lot.

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1. Use WhatsApp Business

This first tip may seem obvious, but it is worth remembering. After all, most people are used to using the personal version of the app and believe that it is already sufficient to meet the needs of your business.

However, the business version of the popular instant messaging application has important features, allowing, for example, the landline to be registered to the account and automatic messages to be sent in response to the customer.

It also provides metrics of utmost importance for any business, such as receiving and opening (or reading) rates and status visualization, which help to measure the success of campaigns.

2. Bet on the app’s tools

In addition to tools that facilitate service, there are others that can turn chat into a true online store. The “catalog” function, for example, allows your distributor to present the available products with the price of each one.

This streamlines the service and can even lead your customers to buy more, as, as in a showcase, they will see other products and, out of curiosity or need, end up ordering more than was initially desired. Another positive point of this tool is that the catalog is shareable, which facilitates the promotion of your brand by loyal customers.

3. Abuse of creativity

WhatsApp users often use the app with a quick and even more relaxed interaction in mind. So, take advantage of this characteristic of the medium itself to think of approaches with quick videos, memes and even stickers that have to do with your commercial activity.

And it is certain that, belonging to the pet segment, a distributor has the potential to explore images that are very successful online.

This makes it possible to create quick campaigns – with short videos featuring promotions or status images, for example – that can engage your customers and still generate content sharing.

Now that you know how to start selling through WhatsApp, don’t forget that one of the most important characteristics for a distributor to increase its sales, standing out from the competition, is to count on quality products, such as cat and dog food that meet to the most demanding tutors. Sellers well prepared to answer customer questions, before and after the purchase, can also make a difference in your business. Remember that the customer journey does not end with the purchase of the product: it is necessary to build a relationship. And for that, WhatsApp will certainly be a very effective tool.

Was this article helpful? So, enjoy this moment of learning, knowing the products that cannot be missing in a pet distributor.

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