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3 tips to increase the average ticket at your pet distributor

Among the strategies to increase sales, those of attracting or attracting customers tend to be in evidence. However, employing measures that raise the ticket average of customers, that is, the average amount spent by them at their pet distributor is also an advantageous option to increase sales.

In this article, we have listed 3 tips that can help you achieve that goal. Want to know what they are? Keep reading and find out!

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1. Invest in complementary offers and products

The first tip is to invest in complementary items and offers so that the customer seeks to take more goods when purchasing products. In that case, you can offer combos and baskets that bring together different types of items, especially during festive seasons. For example, Christmas baskets for pets, in which you have both food and pet products. pet care.

You can also give discounts on items that complement the use of others. If the customer takes a shampoo for dogs, how about putting the conditioner and cologne for these pets on offer? You can even sell them in a kit, with a more attractive price than if the customer buys all three separately.

Thus, both the price and the possibility of being able to do a complete treatment on the pet can encourage the customer to purchase the kit, increasing the amount he will spend on your company.

2. Grant progressive discounts

Granting progressive discounts can stimulate the purchase of more units of the same type of product, which helps to increase the inventory turnover and avoid the stranding of some goods. Therefore, this type of strategy is not only able to increase the ticket medium, but also contributes to the renewal of the stock, avoiding the loss of products whose expiration date is close.

3. Structure a loyalty program

Our final tip is to structure a loyalty program in order to reward the best customers of the pet distributor and, thus, stimulate more purchases. You can give discounts to the most loyal customers in your business, strengthening the relationship with them.

You can also institute a point-by-purchase system so that consumers purchase more items to get certain scores, which generate discounts, gifts and the possibility of winning certain products. That way, the more customers buy at your company, the more they accumulate points that can be converted into benefits.

Your business will have a differential when the customer decides where to buy items for your pet, especially if you make constant purchases with you. After all, he already has a balance of points that can be increased by purchasing what he needs in your company.

These are just a few simple and practical tips for you to increase your ticket medium of your pet distributor. Therefore, it is advisable to continue to seek more materials with other guidelines that can help to increase your sales and, even, to avoid errors that may hinder the operation of your company. This is essential for sustainable growth.

In fact, we have prepared another special article that includes tips to increase your pet distributor’s sales. Take a look at it!

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