4 trends to stand out from the competition

The pet market remains heated and going through economic crises, due to the close relationship we have with our pets. The change in the behavior of the tutors, who used to leave their pets on the street and now share their beds with them, forces pet stores to diversify their services and bet on novelties that meet consumers’ wishes.

To offer sustainable and superior quality products and technological services that facilitate the tutors’ routine can make you stand out from the competition. So it is important to be aware of what the market is asking for.

So, stay with us, as we have selected 4 pet market trends for you to be inspired and include in your store. Check out!

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1. Investing in sustainable products

People’s behavior is changing not only in relation to their pets, but also in relation to the environment. This new behavior generates changes in consumption, easily observed by the greater demand for sustainable articles, which do not harm nature during their manufacture.

Beds, clothes and several other items made from recycled materials, for example, are already sold in pet stores. Biodegradable hygienic sands and reusable hygienic mats are also trends in the sector.

2. Offer mobile services

Instead of the tutor taking the pet to the bath and grooming, the service goes to the pet. Many stores in the industry have invested in offering these services, for the convenience of both customers (tutor and hairy).

Leaving the house, meeting other animals in the waiting room and being handled in too stimulating an environment can considerably raise stress levels in dogs and cats. As the tutors are concerned with this, the idea of ​​being served at home (an equipped van), pleases (and very much) those in love with their pets.

Pet shops that are also veterinary clinics also provide routine consultations in the same “delivery” scheme.

3. Implement technological innovations

Sustainability is linked to efficiency. In this scenario, technology has a fundamental role to bring more agility and security for pet and their guardians. Smart collars and identification chips are now a reality.

But not only that, e-commerce makes life easier for tutors and warms up the pet market. In addition, applications to make financial management, inventory, marketing and sales are now available to boost the pet shop.

4. Bet on excellent nutrition

One of the biggest trends in the pet market is animal nutrition. Concerned about the health and well-being of their furry, tutors have been looking for superior food for their pets.

As a balanced diet is the key for any animal to have a full development and a life with more quality and more longevity, consumers spare no effort to offer food of certified origin to their pets.

That is, having a line of premium and super premium products in the pet shop is crucial for the smooth running of the business in the competitive pet market. By adding this priority to other services that are highly sought after by consumers, you increase the chances of standing out among your competitors.

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