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5 tips to get you started today in your petshop

However, to ensure that the bathing and grooming service is successful in your pet shop, it is necessary to plan everything that is necessary for such action, such as understanding the essential equipment, training the responsible team, among other aspects.

So, to get your ideas out of the paper and put the bath and grooming into practice in your pet shop, check out precious tips below!

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Get the right equipment

To offer a quality service, you need to purchase adequate and quality equipment. Therefore, it is important to know what are the fundamental devices to offer the bath and grooming and to check if it is possible to acquire them without compromising the budget of the pet shop.

To help you, we have separated some of the essential items for a bath and grooming:

– tank;

– dryer and blower;

– leathering machine;

– brush and comb;

– nail cutter etc.

Train the responsible team

Grooming and bathing pets require specific care and knowledge to carry them out. For this reason, having the support of a trained team is essential to offer a quality bathroom and grooming service.

Therefore, offer training for old employees, and if you need to hire new employees, give preference to professionals with experience in the service and who know how to deal with animals with care and attention.

Price the service correctly

Don’t know how much to charge for the bath and grooming service? Do not despair, as this is a very common problem faced by business owners.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no point in stipulating any price, as this can damage the pet shop’s revenue in the short term.

So, follow some pricing tips to get your service right:

– observe the price charged by the competition;

– assess the costs involved in offering the service;

– set a desired profit margin.

Publicize the bathing and grooming service on social networks

It is no use having a new service and not notifying customers of it, is it not? And using the business’ social networks is an efficient strategy to make the disclosure.

On Instagram, for example, you can make a series of posts to present the differentials of the bath and grooming service of the establishment and even mention this novelty in the Bio of the social network.

On Facebook, in addition to the image content, you can also make videos to attract the customer’s attention and make ads to increase the reach of the novelty for old and new customers.

Always keep the place sanitized

And lastly, it is a basic but very fundamental tip, which is to always keep the bath and grooming area clean and organized.

Because, in addition to ensuring the safety of employees and pets, maintaining a clean environment provides a good perception of customers before the establishment.

In view of all this, it is essential to reinforce the importance of planning the offer of bathing and grooming services and not to miss any step. By doing so, you guarantee quality service and win customer loyalty.

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