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5 tips to increase pet shop sales even in times of crisis

In the midst of news about retail difficulties and shopkeepers who were unable to resist the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic, it is common to read headlines highlighting the strength of the pet market. This is due to changes in consumer behavior, which go to great lengths to ensure the well-being of their pets.

On the other hand, the wide opportunities that the sector offers to entrepreneurs make it competition is fierce, forcing pet shop owners to innovate in order to stand out and retain customers.

So we have created this article with 5 tips for you increase your pet shop sales and to go through moments of crisis with greater ease. Check out!

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It is paramount that you know your audience. In addition to basic information about age, income and location, you should know what your clientele’s preferences are. Map your personas according to your desires, your goals, your lifestyle, your problems and your biggest difficulties.

Thus, you will be able to develop more efficient strategies to reach this audience and keep them loyal to your pet shop. For example, a pet daycare service is more likely to be more advantageous in a neighborhood where most people are young, live in an apartment, and have income to pay for the service.

Once you know who the audience is buying with you and what has the potential to become a customer, offer the services they seek and also solutions to problems they may not even know they had. For example, the Pet Care concept has grown among tutors, who seek to improve their pets’ quality of life.

On the other hand, many tutors want to provide pets with well-being, but do not know how to do it. And you can show it to them by presenting industry trends in your store. In the same line of reasoning, if a customer has difficulty taking his pet to bathe, a mobile bath and grooming service will be extremely valuable to him.

In fact, a strong trend in the sector is to unite pet shop and veterinary clinic. Finding quality information, services and products in one place attracts many customers.

Even though big brands are emerging in the pet market, many people prefer to buy in neighborhood pet shops. Attracted by location, affordable prices and a family atmosphere, consumers can become loyal customers if you offer advantages and, of course, engage them in your business.

A good tip, for example, is hold events of pet adoption from time to time. In addition to moving the store and attracting new buyers, this type of action improves the reputation of your pet shop in the community, since you are socially responsible and supportive of animal causes – one of the core of modern tutors.

Even though people look for pet shops close to where they live, making sales available on the internet is one of the ways to guarantee revenue, especially in times of social distance. The internet increases choice and payment facilities, overcoming barriers such as location, for example.

You can boost sales by offering free shipping above a stipulated amount, or making discounts and gifts available to those who shop on the internet. Do not miss this opportunity.

One of the reasons that lead customers to the big brands in the market is variety of products that stores have. You, as a pet shop owner, already know that pet food is the best seller in stores. What do these two pieces of information say? That one of the best strategies you can have is to increase the variety of products aimed at pet food.

Pets have the status of a family member, and care for the pets’ diet is one of the most evident among tutors who want to promote the health of their fur. Therefore, invest in quality products and seek to diversify the items, escaping the commonplace.

Have standard dry rations, but make the Premium and SuperPremium categories available to meet the demand of this audience. Also, do not forget the moist, complete and balanced foods, which are sought after every day by tutors.

Be a partner of brands and suppliers that manufacture excellent food, developed by specialists with quality raw materials and suitable for each stage of life or health condition of the animals. That’s what you find in products Matsuda Pet.

In other words, to increase sales at the pet shop, it is necessary to be aware of market trends, which are nothing more than the tutors’ wishes. And they want quality and variety – that is, they want to be able to choose what suits them. As rations are the flagship of every pet shop, nothing more logical than investing in this segment.

Are you interested in purchasing our products? So, contact us and make a budget with us! We will be happy to answer your questions and help you grow.

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