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6 customer service tips to apply in your petshop

One of the biggest secrets of any successful business is customer service. When he is excellent, he is able to build customer loyalty and broaden the company’s base. On the other hand, when this aspect does not receive proper attention and the customer is not well attended, the loss of the customer is almost inevitable.

This is no different when it comes to a petshop business. In this case, in particular, the care with the service needs to be redoubled, after all, it is necessary to please the customer with four legs and his tutor, so that satisfaction and the consequent return are guaranteed.

This post is perfect to help you understand how to provide good service to your furry and non-furry customers. So, don’t waste any more time: read right now and expand your petshop’s customer base even more. Come on!

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1. Get to know your customer and bond with their pet

When it comes to petshops, the service needs to include the creation of affective bonds between the person providing the service and the pet. After all, we are dealing with a being who has probably, in most cases, become a member of his tutor’s family and that little being is his true client. So focus on it. Right?

However, the relationship with the tutor is also very important to make it clear how much affection, care and attention you have given to his best friend. It is this “love triangle” between you that will guarantee the loyalty of your customers.

2. Understand your main issues and challenges

A tiny detail can make all the difference in our daily lives. And this is no different in running a petshop. Both you and your customer may have problems and challenges to overcome in order to provide them with good service.

For example, many tutors may find it difficult to bring and pick up their partner at the petshop. You can solve this problem by creating a taxi dog service or partnering with an established one.

3. Learn to listen and educate your customer

To understand these challenges like the one just mentioned, it is essential to know how to listen to the customer and know how to educate them. I understand his doubts, you will be able, for example, to make him respect a minimum monthly frequency of bathing and grooming, which will generate for you a loyal and recurring customer.

The first step here is to listen, be always available and be proactive enough to create solutions

and add services capable of solving his problems and doubts.

5. Offer a personalized and unforgettable experience

Personalization is a priceless differentiator. And she will make your petshop unique and able to attract more loyal and differentiated customers. So remember what we said about listening to your customer? So, this is how you can understand his preferences and become able to offer unforgettable and special experiences, both for him and for the pet.

6. Value after-sales and loyalty

Finally, after-sales is what keeps the customer loyal. That’s why it’s important to keep a pet file, set up a calendar with everything he needs, and give that one on the phone or send an email to his tutor, remembering the date of the dewormer, bath, vaccinations, etc.


Following these tips you just read is essential for customer loyalty and the consequent growth of the petshop. In addition, the offer of good quality products and differentiated services also has a considerable weight in this formula for success.

So, if you want to offer the best products in your petshop, it’s time to get to know Matsuda Pet’s product lines for dogs and cats!

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