About telar apartments, houses and the like

About telar apartments, houses and the like

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People, how are you? I’m fine, me and my meles, of course, everyone is fine. I told you that I restarted the blog, changed the layout and stuff, right? So, all of this to talk about good stuff (Tekpix) obviously. And while it’s pretty obvious, I couldn’t help but touch on a recurring topic: the question of screening apartments (and houses and stores that have cats and everything). I know that many people already know, already do and do not give up, but there are many people who still do not have this awareness.

In fact, I thought about this agenda because I joined a Facebook community called “I love cats”. And, puuuutz, what a regret (I already left, including). People still have that thought that a cat has to live free, on the street, etc. Especially people who live in homes find it extremely normal for cats to leave and return days later, all of them crippled. And I say that they are lucky that they come back. Because one day they won’t be going.

And even worse: cats still fall madly from apartments. Why??? If these people are in a Facebook community, they have internet and, therefore, access to information. One of the two: either they are shitting and walking to their cats or…. they are shitting and walking for their cats. And I do my mea culpa: I won Pam at the age of 18 and I had no idea of ​​anything. At the time there was no internet and I started creating it the way I could, living with friends in another city to go to college. And neither screening nor castrating nor taking any precautions! And Pam ended up falling from the seventh floor. The good part is that he survived. The bad part is that he broke his pelvis, went for two months without walking and gradually recovered. He was kind of lame for the rest of his life.

So, people, today with information all over the internet, with stories of cats that fall, that die, that break all, please, please, let’s watch these apes there !!! I don’t know about values, I remember it was around R $ 100 per window the last time I had to repair one of the screens here at home. This here in Floripa, where everything is kind of expensive. But it’s an investment for your puppy …

About telar casas

Then we fall into the question of houses, which I really don’t have practical knowledge because I never lived at home with cats. I understand that it must be very difficult to keep cats at home, because there is a garden, a patio, a garage and other places to explore. But… there are also neighbors that can poison, cars that can run over, dogs that can attack, other cats that can attack and a multitude of dangers!

I have friends and acquaintances who keep cats at home and none have a screen, they all let the cats loose while they are at home and lock them up when they leave. Being cats neutered, they stay around the house, they are not very interested in making big turns. In some cases it works, in others it doesn’t. But the dangers are still around.

The advice that protectors give is really to screen houses as well and not to let the cat out. As I know this is quite difficult (some protectors may want to kill me for saying this, but anyway, let’s be realistic), it may be a matter of common sense for each tutor. Ideally, please call homes as well. If they can’t, keep an eye on the babies, spay and lock up at home when they leave. In fact, if the cat, even if neutered, is still one of those to go for walks, I, Cristine, would not let me leave the house …

Well, that’s it, my people, does anyone still have doubts about showing apartments? And houses? What do you think?

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