Billy Preston in four strokes


Billy Preston would turn 73 this Monday (2/9). Check out four incredible moments from the career of the musician who played with everyone and then some:

1 – Duet at 11 with Nat King Cole


2 – Shivering with Ray Charles


3 – Being the fifth Beatle on that roof show there?


4 – Sensualizing with the Rolling Stones (his little dance with Mick Jagger at the end is one of the most extravagant moments in rock history)



Be sure to listen That’s the Way God Planned It, Preston’s solo album released in 1969 by Apple, the Beatles’ phonographic label. His support band? formed only by:

George Harrison ? guitar, guitar, Moog synthesizer, chamber
Eric Clapton? guitar
Keith Richards? low
Ginger Baker? drums, tambourine

Image: Heinrich Klaffs / CC-BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons

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