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Can I give a puppy treat? Check it out now!

It’s natural to want to pamper your pet and fill it with snacks, after all, who can resist those little round eyes that come and go begging for a treat? Despite the temptation, it is important to understand the role of snacks in pet nutrition and avoid overeating.

But what about puppies? When and on what occasions is the snack welcome? In today’s text we will bring you some data that can help you make that decision!

Can puppies eat snacks?

The short answer is yes, puppies can eat snacks. Both puppies and kittens can eat snacks from the 10th week of life.

This is because, before this period, the animals are going through the weaning stage and their intestines undergo several changes, demanding a diet with adequate nutrients for their full development.

Therefore, before choosing a snack, it is essential to also assess its nutritional value and the quality of the food to be offered.

How to choose the ideal treat for my pet?

Choosing the ideal snack starts, precisely, in evaluating the ingredients and quality of the responsible company. Snacks with excess calories and little nutritional value should be avoided even for adult dogs and cats.

Nowadays, there are several snack options on the market: for example, steaks, strips, bones and cookies need to come in a suitable size for the puppy, and preferably one that favors oral hygiene and gum massage.

Another alternative, in addition to industrialized ones, is natural snacks. Fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and bananas, for example, can help your puppy’s healthy development and ensure more variety in your dish.

How to offer a treat for a puppy?

Snacks are mainly used to encourage good behavior in animals, and should not, under any circumstances, replace the healthy diet of your pets.

Offer treats when your puppy does something commendable so he will soon associate that behavior with something positive. Delivering treats at random will only confuse the pet and guarantee an insatiable mink indoors.

To help, you can calculate the ideal amount of treat that can be offered to your puppy, as follows:

  • First, write down the ideal amount (in grams) of feed your puppy should eat, taking into account the animal’s specific characteristics.
  • Then calculate 5% of the value obtained in the first step.
  • Okay, this amount is the daily limit that you can offer as a snack for your pet, always varying in flavors, shapes and textures.

So, if your puppy eats an average of 200g of feed per day, you can only offer up to 10g of snacks so as not to interfere with the pet’s feeding.

And now, do you know what kinds of snacks to prepare for your pets? Puppies demand attention at all stages of development, so pay attention not only to food, but also to care with vaccines, hygiene and, of course, behavior.

Here on the blog we have a text about the main care for puppies and cats that can help in this task. Be sure to check it out and share with your friends!

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