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Can I give my dog ​​bone to gnaw on?

It is important to give your dog the ideal food, that is, the type that contains the essential nutrients for it to develop well. The main component of this diet is the feed, but it is possible to add other items, such as snacks. You can also give dog bone.

However, this action needs care, as if the bone is natural and unprocessed, there are certain risks involved. In particular, when the pet is a puppy or is not in adequate oral health.

To find out the reasons to be careful when giving this type of material to your dog and find out what to offer as a substitute, keep reading and see what we have prepared!

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Reasons for not giving dog bone

To begin with, there is a possibility that the dog will be hurt or cut its mouth, especially if the bone breaks into pieces. There is also a risk that the animal will choke on it, if it is small.

In fact, it is necessary to redouble the attention with chicken bones, because when they are cooked, baked, fried etc., their structure is changed. They become more rigid and are more likely to break into sharp parts.

They also break more easily when chewed, which can generate chips that can cause problems for the dog during chewing or in its digestive system (such as perforation of the stomach).

Another point of attention is the possibility of the dog being contaminated with harmful microorganisms present in the bone, if it is raw or has been in a corner for a long time accumulating dirt.

The sterilized processed bone also needs attention, because when the dog used and left it aside it can be a source of contamination.

That is, once it had contact with the animal’s mouth and saliva; what is correct for those who insist on giving this type of snack is withdrawal after the animal’s disinterest.

The advantage of this type of snack is gum massage and dental cleaning, where there is almost no intake; undoubtedly the worst of them is the type processed without being sterilized and what the animal ingests, as it can cause a nutritional imbalance and still be at risk of food poisoning.

Importance of giving the food indicated by the veterinarian

Instead of the bone, give the food indicated by the veterinarian who takes care of your dog. This is important because this professional will suggest a type of feed with the necessary nutritional components for the proper development of your pet.

If you still want to give bone to the animal, talk to the vet if this is possible and under what conditions it can be done. That way, you will be able to avoid certain complications generated by that food.

Substitutes for natural bone that can please your pet

  • There are some materials that replace natural bones and that can please your dog, such as synthetics. They tend to last longer and have no meat, cartilage or other organic material that are normally present in natural versions and, over time, make them unsuitable foods.
  • Therefore, a synthetic bone is unlikely to give off a strong odor or contain parts of decomposing meat. In addition, it will prevent the proliferation of microorganisms harmful to the pet.
  • It is also possible to find synthetic bones with different flavors, such as bacon, mint, ham etc. Another advantage is the possibility of finding softer synthetic bones, which are recommended for older puppies and puppies.
  • On the other hand, if you prefer to give a natural bone, look for a processed one, that is, one that has undergone special hygiene and conservation treatment. This type can be found in pet stores and is better than unprocessed natural bone. In that case, we have the smoked pork or beef bone. There are also little bones made of chicken and vegetables.
  • It is worth mentioning that some of these snacks contribute to the conservation of the animal’s oral health, since they help in the control of tartar and in the prevention of bad breath. However, before purchasing them, visit a veterinarian to find out what your pet needs to improve its oral health.
  • If this professional gives you the green light to buy a dog bone, remember to ask about the type and size indicated. Also see when is the best time to give this snack to the pet and when you should remove it for the animal to focus on eating its feed. After all, it is important that he eats properly and is not just gnawing at the bone.
  • Take the opportunity now to discover other foods that your dog can try, in addition to bone and feed!

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