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Cat feeder: find the ideal type

Using any pot, dish, bowl or other utensil to feed your feline is not ideal, as the same goes for several of the types of cat feeders sold in petshops.

  • As much as they are marketed specifically for feline food, there are some peculiarities of these animals that require attention when choosing the container where they will eat.
  • Are you curious to know what important characteristics these are? Keep reading and discover not only that, but also some of the main feeders on the market!

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Why is it important to choose the right cat feeder?

  • If this choice is not made correctly, the cat may have trouble feeding, going as far as to stop eating. And you don’t want that, do you?
  • One of the disorders that can keep your pussy out of the pot is the discomfort caused by whiskers – which are very sensitive hair – when eating in deep, small or high-edged pots.
  • That’s because until he reaches the food, his whiskers will touch the edges causing discomfort. In certain cases, you can notice this type of situation when the cat leaves feed on the sides of the feeder.
  • Another point of attention is the material from which the container is made, as it can facilitate the development of microorganisms that can harm your cat’s health. We will see more about that later.

What characteristics should you observe?

As seen before, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the opening of the feeder, that is, look for a wide model in which the cat can eat without brushing the whiskers in the corners. Choose a type made of porcelain, ceramic or glass, as these materials make cleaning easier. Stainless steel is also an option.

If you prefer to buy a plastic feeder because of its resistance to falls, look for models that do not smell and that have special treatment to avoid harming the cat’s health.

This is because containers made with this material tend to smell like food, in addition to being able to release chemical components when in contact with liquids (such as the boiling water used to wash them).

They can still drop tiny pieces that can be swallowed by the pussy, especially if it scratches or bites the feeder while eating. Plastic containers can also facilitate the spread of bacteria in these damaged locations, as well as in grooves and pores.

There is a risk that the plastic pot causes allergies and other diseases in the pets’ snouts. So choosing the feeder well is also a health issue for your cat!

If where you live there are a lot of ants and they don’t leave your pussy’s food alone, the tip is to get an antiform feeder. That way, your cat will be able to “save” some of the feed to eat later, without having to deal with the ants on top of it when it comes back.

Regarding height, look for a higher feeder so that the cat does not have to bend too far to reach the food. It is recommended to stay at the level of your elbows.

That way, they will be able to eat even while sitting, and may have more well-being while enjoying their meal. If you have an adult cat and a kitten, then it is interesting to get two feeders adapted to the size of both.

What are the main types of cat feeder?

Now that you know what is important to observe in the feeders, see some of the main types found on the market:

  • simple circular or square feeder – this model is common to find in petshops. It can be used for both food and water. It is important to pay attention to the size of the edges so that they do not make it difficult to feed the cat;
  • feeder with drinker – a model with two spaces in which it is possible to place the cat’s food and water, care must be taken so that the water does not wet the food.
  • automatic feeder – the food is stored in a reservoir, being replenished in the feeding container continuously and automatically. There are electronic versions with time adjustment and control of the amount of food released to the pet. If you need to be away a few more hours a day, this model can keep your cat well fed!
  • high ergonomic feeder – this is one of the ideal feeders for your cat, as it is made in an ergonomic way. There are models with adjustable height, which facilitates adaptation to the size of your feline.

If there is a possibility that a dog will eat the cat’s food, the tip is to place the feeder in an elevated place. Just be careful that the feline can feel good when feeding, not having to make a big effort to do that.

The advantage of this strategy is that it will provide extra exercises for the feline to reach its feeder. As many cats like to hang around, this can be fun or even challenging for your pussy!

It is important to be careful with your pet from the choice of food to the objects he will use, such as the ideal cat feeder for his needs and characteristics. Speaking of food, also remember to pay attention to the food offered, as it must be of good nutritional quality.

In fact, we have put together a list with five guidelines for taking better care of your cat’s feed. Be sure to check them out!

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