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Cat in heat: understand the symptoms and what to do at this stage of your pet

Adorable, full of personality and stylish, cats make amazing pets. However, they have a number of particularities that differ greatly from dogs. One of them is the process of estrus in the feline species.

If you have a cat in heat at home or are tutoring a pussy, you need to know what we are talking about! This is a process accompanied by a lot of noise, a lot of stress and some very different behaviors.

by this, all caution are little. Read on and find out a little more about the heat of the cats, learn to identify it and learn how to make the moment more peaceful for your great friend!

What is heat?

The heat is nothing more than the fertile period of the cats. It also happens in bitches, but with many differences from felines.

At that moment, the cat’s body is prepared for fertilization, that is, for mating and pregnancy to occur.

How often does the cat come into heat?

Cats can come into heat several times a year. If she is fertilized and gestation (which takes around 60 days) occurs, she will only come into heat again after finishing nursing the puppies. That is, around the second or third month after the first occurrence.

If she does not cross, the heat can sequence or reoccur in about 15 days. This is one of the main differences between female cats and female dogs, who only come into heat every 6 months.

What are the symptoms of a cat in heat?

The most classic symptoms are excessive vocalization and rolling on the floor. The screams are heard throughout the neighborhood and leave no one in doubt that there is a cat in heat nearby.

However, there are other signs that may be related to heat. Some are:

  • increased frequency of visits to the bathroom;
  • kinder behavior;
  • lack;
  • lack of appetite;
  • general behavior change.

During this period, it is common for the kitten to rub against the tutors’ legs more often. Some females are also very agitated and restless, while others become more withdrawn.

What to do during this period?

The heat period is synonymous with stress for cats. Therefore, the key word is to minimize this risk, always respecting the animal’s characteristics and promoting a safe environment for its recovery.

The first tip is to keep the perimeter secure to prevent leakage. In addition to unwanted pregnancies, cats that walk can catch diseases (such as FIV and FeLV) and suffer numerous accidents.

Also promote environmental enrichment. In addition to giving the kitten lots of love and affection, provide her with toys and a quiet place to rest. We also recommend visiting a veterinarian so that he can rule out possible health problems and give you better guidance on what to do next.

What should not be done when the cat is in heat?

In addition to good practices during the heat, we should also talk about what should be avoided during this period. Outings are the first topic because, as mentioned, they expose cats to a number of risks.

Another point of attention involves “contraceptive injections”. These medications should never be taken during the estrus period or after a possible pregnancy, they are very dangerous, as they contain high doses of hormones and considerably increase the chances of developing an abnormal pregnancy and childbirth, which can have fatal consequences.

Avoid these practices! This way, you ensure that your kitten is always healthy!

Did you like to know more about the cat in heat? Now, one last tip: invest in castration! This is a relatively simple procedure that only brings advantages for the quality of life and longevity of the pussy, preventing problems such as uterine infections and the appearance of tumors.

To learn more about the procedure, check out our post on castration and find out how it works and what are its benefits for pets!

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