Cat Playground: Learn How to Build One

Cats are animals that love to play. But as they grow, spontaneous play becomes more rare. But there is a toy that they will never stop liking. We are talking about the cat playground.

In agricultural stores and petshops, and even in specialized “e-commerces”, there is a very wide variety of playgrounds for cats, they have different sizes in a wide variety of materials. The problem is that, even though it is a trend, commercial playgrounds are not so cheap, sometimes making it impossible to buy.

But did you know that it is possible to make a cat playground that is simple and functional with cheaper materials and that you usually have at home? Surely your cat will love it just the same.

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Find out why your cat will love a playground made by yourself and see the step by step to make this type of toy at home. Follow!

Why have a cat playground at home?

Our cats are pets that love to play, they are scratching things and climbing everywhere, it shows that they are healthy. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with all kinds of toys, especially those that stimulate their natural behaviors.

In the case of cats that live alone, without other cats, or with guardians who live with them for a short time, toys are even more important, allowing a much wider fun to the point of preventing them from being stressed. These factors will even contribute to maintaining and improving the health of cats.

Among these toys, the playground is among those most favored by pussies, representing guaranteed fun. This type of toy consists of:

  • Tunnels: Cats love to burrow, that is, if they have a ticket, they will try to enter. To indulge this habit, the playground may have simple tunnels, allowing them to move back and forth;
  • Tower: Cats are passionate about height and love to climb on furniture and household objects. To satisfy this desire, a cat playground offers towers or houses with floors, allowing them to climb, play, exercise and even rest on high.
  • Scratching: cats love to exercise and sharpen their nails. To meet this need, the playground can feature scratchers, allowing them to perform this habit.

It is worth mentioning that the cat playground is a very dynamic toy. Therefore, in addition to the features mentioned, it is also possible to enrich the playground with other features, such as a mustache scratcher, hammock, cabin style cottage, among others.

Do it yourself: How to make a cat playground at home?

As already mentioned, our cats love to rest comfortably and without distractions, they like places with grooves to scratch and places to climb. Based on this principle, we can combine elements we have at home and create a fun playground for cats.

Then see the step by step to make a homemade playground for your cat (s):

Step 1: planning and sketching

Before getting your hands dirty and starting manufacturing the playground, you need to plan ahead and sketch the entire project. In this sketch you should note the width, height and depth measurements of each piece. This will help with the cuts and dimension of the playground.

Remember that there is a wide variety of structure design, so exercise your creativity. But, basically, every design will consist of horizontal bases (cardboard plates) and columns (cardboard tubes).

Step 2: start of assembly

With all the project properly designed, it’s time to start assembling the cat playground. The first tip is to always work with cardboard in strips.

To make the horizontal structures, cut the cardboard plates to the measures previously designed and cut a rigid cardboard tube in several slices of 2 to 3 cm each.

For each horizontal structure, it is advisable to make a “sandwich”, pasting the slices of the tube between 2 identical cardboard plates. With this, the horizontal structure will have greater firmness to support the weight of the cat.

Step 3: manufacture of horizontal structures

After making the “sandwiches”, cut several strips of cardboard in sufficient size to cover the plates and glue them standing on the plates, side by side, until they completely cover the surface. Finally, cut the burrs to finish.

With this, the horizontal structures are ready, which also serve as scratching posts.

Step 4: make the columns and feet

Cut the cardboard tubes as much as you need to make the columns and feet. Then, mount and glue, both the columns and the horizontal structures, according to your design.

Reinforce the entire glue with masking tape and leave until the glue dries completely. Once dry, you can now remove the tapes.

Step 5: Finish the columns

Finally, wrap and glue a string or sisal string on the columns, also give any finish you want to the rest of the cat playground. You can paint, coat with paper, varnish, etc.

But remember to never use any product that is toxic to your cat, after all your cat’s health should always be your priority.

Step 6: Include a box, tubes and other enrichment elements

With the entire structure of the cat playground properly completed, it is time to enrich the structure. To do this, invest in your creativity and manufacture small tubes and place them in strategic locations.

Also make a little house so that your cat can rest with the comfort he deserves. For this, you can use the same constructive model as the standard structure of the toy.

Step 7: Install the toy in the best place in the house

After everything is ready, it’s time to install the cat playground in the best place in the house. Also, don’t forget to introduce your new fun toy to the pussy!

Finally, it is worth emphasizing that the type of project to be idealized depends on your creativity and your ability to create. So, don’t be afraid, exercise your creativity and make it happen!

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