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Dog names: check out the 100 most used

There is a wide variety of dog names and each day they appear more as people innovate in the way they call their furry companions. It may not seem like it, but choosing one of them is important for the life that your pet will lead with you and your family, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog that you intend to adopt. Next, we’ll talk about why this is.

And if you want ideas to identify the pet, we have listed 100 common names for you to choose from. Your pet’s can be there in the middle, so keep reading!

The importance of choosing a good name for the pet

Before we move on to dog names, know that choosing a way to call your pet is important for living with him. After all, he will need to get used to the name to respond when called and perform other activities.

If you intend to train the animal, recognition of its name will be necessary, as it will serve as a sign of attention to it. In addition, you, family and friends will live with him, so having a legal way to call him is essential to integrate him into everyday life.

Tips for deciding your dog’s name

There are tips that help you make a good decision when choosing your pet’s name. Here are a few:

  • evaluate the ease of pronunciation of the chosen word in case you need to call it quickly;
  • make sure it’s a nice word to speak;
  • analysis also if the name is easy to memorize for you and, above all, for the dog;
  • give preference to short names, as they are easier to remember;
  • check if the diminutive of the name is pleasant and simple to identify. This is because the tendency is that, in games, some people call him that while trying to be affectionate with him;
  • be careful not to name it after other pets nearby, as this can confuse you when they call others.

In addition, there are some actions that help the dog get along with the name. For example, the sooner you identify it, the better. If possible, get him used to the name since puppy.

You can also use some tasty snacks and foods to reward him every time he responds correctly to the pronunciation of his name. This will help to fix the term.

100 common dog names to choose from

Now that you know the importance of properly identifying the pet and have checked some tips to make a good choice, let’s go to the list with the 100 common names of dogs:

  1. Astor;
  2. Ayla;
  3. Bel;
  4. Beto;
  5. Bidu;
  6. Mustache;
  7. Bili;
  8. Bob;
  9. Ball;
  10. Cocoa;
  11. Chiara;
  12. Chico;
  13. Cindy;
  14. Cookie;
  15. Doug;
  16. Eddie;
  17. Emy;
  18. Tow;
  19. Spark;
  20. Flake;
  21. Flower;
  22. Seal;
  23. Fred;
  24. Fuzzy;
  25. Gigi;
  26. Greg;
  27. Guga;
  28. Guto;
  29. Yuri;
  30. Jade;
  31. Jimy;
  32. Joe;
  33. Jolie;
  34. Jonas;
  35. Juju;
  36. Kate;
  37. Kiki;
  38. Lady;
  39. Laila;
  40. Lara;
  41. Lassie;
  42. Lea;
  43. Leni;
  44. Leo;
  45. Lia;
  46. Lyca;
  47. Lila;
  48. Babs;
  49. Wolf;
  50. Lola;
  51. Mégui;
  52. Mimi;
  53. Nala;
  54. Neo;
  55. Nina;
  56. Nino;
  57. Olivia;
  58. Oscar;
  59. Slipper;
  60. Pati;
  61. Peper;
  62. Pepi;
  63. Pearl;
  64. Pierre;
  65. Pietro;
  66. Kite;
  67. Pitucha;
  68. Rich;
  69. Rob;
  70. Romeo;
  71. Rosita;
  72. Ruby;
  73. Sapphire;
  74. Parsley;
  75. Sissi;
  76. Sury;
  77. Susi;
  78. Teka;
  79. Tião;
  80. Tica;
  81. Tone;
  82. Tony;
  83. Geek;
  84. Tuca;
  85. Tuti;
  86. Brave;
  87. Vava;
  88. Vini;
  89. I lived;
  90. Wally;
  91. Will;
  92. Wolf;
  93. Shawl;
  94. Xandi;
  95. Xita;
  96. Xodó;
  97. Yago;
  98. Yani;
  99. Yumi;

In addition to these dog names, you can use creativity to observe objects, animals and the surrounding nature to choose an innovative term. It may even be a human name. Just be careful not to use someone close to you in order to avoid confusion when mentioning it. Finally, if you want to facilitate the adoption of the name, avoid a difficult word to be pronounced and remembered.

Choosing how to call the pet is just one of the important points of adopting it. Check out other precautions you need to take for responsible adoption!

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