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Living with pets brings us countless physical and mental benefits, such as strengthening the immune system, increasing life expectancy, reducing stress and loneliness and developing empathy. Not surprisingly, the Covid-19 pandemic increased the demand for dogs and cats, as people are more supportive and looking for emotional comfort in this context of social detachment.

However, whoever wants to protect a furry must bear in mind responsible adoption, since it is the life of a living being that is on the agenda. This type of action takes into account some precautions with the pet that new tutors must pay attention to before making the decision to adopt.

After all, what is responsible adoption and what does it advocate? Stay with us and understand!

The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 30 million dogs and cats living on the streets in Brazil. Animal welfare NGOs play an extraordinary role in caring for many of these pets, but, of course, they are unable to cope with the enormous amount of fur that awaits a home.

However, to take a cat or dog home you will need to go through an evaluation process. This is because it is not enough to have the intention to adopt, it is necessary for the tutor to commit to a series of responsibilities, which will guarantee the quality of life and well-being of pets.

Next, see what those responsibilities are.

Adopting a pet is an act that requires long-term planning, as dogs and cats can live a long time. For dogs, in general we can say that life expectancy is related to their size; that is, the smaller a dog is, the longer it will live, and vice versa. These furry ones can accompany us for 15 years or more.

The average life expectancy of a cat is 16 years, but it is not uncommon for them to get close to 20. You should also remember that each phase of life requires special care, for example, you need to be patient with elderly animals.

It is worth remembering that the lifestyle and the care you have with the health of the furry are crucial factors to increase their life expectancy. Quality food is one of the most important points to prolong the time you have with your pet.

Cats and dogs are well adapted to our urban lifestyle and can live peacefully inside our apartments. However, it is necessary to provide an enriching space for them. Remember that these animals have different needs, for example, if you don’t have a patio for your dog to run, you will need to take him to places where he can walk.

Always think about the routine you take so that the dog can be inserted into it easily – have you considered adopting an adult dog? They are companions and more serene than the puppies full of energy.

Now, if your desire is to guard a pussy, regardless of age, you will need to install protective screens on the windows. Whenever they have the opportunity, cats will look for high places to observe their territory, and any fall can cause serious problems for the furry.

Another responsibility of those who adopt a pet is with their health in general. Remember that you must take the pet for periodic veterinary consultations, in addition to bearing the costs of vaccination, deworming and medication that the furry may need throughout his life.

The sterilization of dogs and cats is part of the actions of responsible adoption, as we are responsible for controlling the birth rate of our pets. After all, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are already many abandoned dogs and cats living at risk on the streets.

Beyond In addition, pets ‘castration increases pets’ life expectancy, as they are less exposed to factors such as fighting with stray animals, disease transmission and tumor development.

If you still don’t feel safe enough to adopt a pet or can’t do it right now, but would like to help, you can sponsor a rescued dog or cat. Look to NGOs and animal protection associations in your area and see how they need your help.

Normally, you donate an amount a month to help with pet care costs, but other good deeds are always well received by protectors. You can donate feed, visit pets or help clean kennels and catteries, for example.

Adopting a pet is an act of love and solidarity. If you are ready for responsible adoption, enjoy all the benefits that this delicious partnership will bring you!

What’s up? Preparing the house to receive a furry? So, see our essential tips for taking care of a cat or puppy dog!

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