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Games to stimulate your puppy’s intelligence

The games for dogs stimulate cognitive development and intelligence of your PET, help in the education of your pet and even improve social and family life among everyone.

In addition to improving the health of the animals and strengthening the bonds of friendship with the residents of the house, it is possible to guarantee good times that can help you overcome your own fears and forget about problems that may have occurred in your daily routine.

So, get into the habit of promoting these games with your dog and enjoy this happy and relaxed experience in your day. In this article, we bring you some tips. Check out!

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1. Play ball

The ball is the most common object among the games used to stimulate your dog’s intelligence. Certainly your PET loves it when you launch the toy for it to fetch, but have you thought about innovating this traditional activity?

How about pretending you toss the ball and then hiding it? So you make your puppy think she is within reach, until he starts looking for her. It will be fun to see him sniffing you and the possible places to find the toy while training his sense of smell, this ability so peculiar among dogs.

2. Hide toys

Along the same lines as the ball throwing game, you can choose some favorite toys from your PET, offer them so that your puppy becomes familiar with the characteristics and smells they have, and then hide them in unusual places, a so that he can find them.

Enjoy the game to hide too, although your dog initially tends to confusion, gradually he gets used to the activity and quickly find all the objects.

You’ll also find out what your puppy’s favorite items are, but don’t forget to give him a reward whenever the goal is reached!

3. Tug of war

Tug of war is an interesting activity as you also stimulate your dog’s strength development and make him expend a lot of energy while fighting with you who is the strongest!

However, this game for dogs requires care, as it can cause fracture of the jaw, teeth and even tooth extraction of your pet, especially if there are strong jolts.

That’s why it’s important that you just simulate the “war” between you and let your dog pull a traditional rope, old cloth or shirts that are no longer used with the most comfortable intensity of force for him.

4. Swimming

Most dogs love playing with water and this makes swimming an excellent sport and play modality to expend energy and encourage the execution of low impact activities, but with an exceptional result for the health of your PET.

There are recreational centers and suitable places to practice the activity, but you can also enjoy hiking and nature if there are waterfalls and safe and easily accessible outdoor places in your city.

5. Obstacle circuit

The obstacle course allows your pet to train its performance in carrying out challenges, as it will have to choose the best path to reach its goal.

To do this activity, use chairs, hula hoops, cones and stretched rubber bands, create a path where your dog has to jump and choose the best direction (the one with the fewest obstacles), in order to earn a good reward at the end of the circuit.

Now that you know what games can stimulate your dog’s intelligence and bring more joy and relaxation to your routine, subscribe to our newsletter and follow all Matsuda’s tips for creating your PETs!

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