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How do you know if the cat is a breed?

How do you know if the cat is a breed? If you have ever asked yourself this, it is probably because you are thinking about getting a cat or you already have one at home and this curiosity arose. Therefore, be aware that there are some actions that can help you to identify the breed of your pussy, even if it is a puppy or does not have easily distinguishable characteristics that can help in this goal.

Keep reading and see what to do to find out if your cat is a breed or not!

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Ask for the animal’s documentation

Normally, when buying a cat we observe if it is neutered, if it has been vaccinated, if it is male or female etc. But, in addition, it is important to request the animal’s pedigree, as it is in this document that we will find the name, date of birth, color, among other identification information of the cat.

In the pedigree, you will also find information about the cattery where the cat was born and about the ancestry and the breed of the cat, going up to the third generation before it. The documented lineage helps to attest that he is of breed.

Note the shape of the ears

You will also be able to observe physical characteristics of the animal that can collaborate in its identification. It is important to get the cat used to the environment and to you to be able to analyze it carefully.

So, to begin with, look at your ears. Their size, length and shape can reveal which breed the cat belongs to, as that part of the body can have a number of distinct characteristics that are hallmarks of certain groups of felines. So, if the ears are:

  • large and elongated, the cat probably belongs to an oriental breed;
  • triangular, without trim and small, the cat may have Persian ancestry;
  • with regular size and “curled” inwards, the cat has a great chance of being the American Curl breed or being related to her. These ears also look round;
  • folded and turned towards the eyes (half drooping), the cat can be of the breed Scottish Fold or Levkoy Ukrainian;
  • steady and stand up, there’s a good chance the cat is a Devon Rex;
  • large, then capable of being an Abyssinian cat;
  • furry (inside too), so the cat may belong to some of the feline breeds found in colder locations, such as the Norwegian Forest and the Siberian Cat.

Check the shape of the muzzle

The shape of the snout says a lot about the feline. If it is flat, in a “V” shape, the chances of being a Persian cat are great. The Himalayan cat may also have a flat nose, but this is due to the fact that it is the result of a cross between Persian and Siamese. Incidentally, the latter usually has a slightly tuned nose, which can help to distinguish whether your pet is a specimen of that breed.

Check the cat’s coat

Another tip is to observe the type of the feline’s coat, as color, length and thickness are characteristics that can help to identify which group he is from. For example, there are many cats with thicker and longer coats, whose ancestors come from cold places.

Knowing this, you will be able to research which pussies correspond to this characteristic and compare them to yours, in order to try to find out which one looks more like it. For example, the aforementioned Norwegian Forest and Siberian Cat are from frozen locations.

In addition, the Persian cat also has long, dense hair, as well as Angora – a very common type in Brazil. If the coat is curly or similar to that of the sheep, then it may be a Selkirk Rex. If you have no coat, then you have a good chance of being a Sphynx.

Other features

The size of the cat’s tail can also deliver its breed. For example, the Manx and the Japanese Bobtail have a short tail. If the cat’s legs are smaller than most cats, then it can be a Munchkin.

During the assessment, remember to calm down and play with the feline in order to make him comfortable. That way, you will be able to better observe its characteristics. Finally, if you are still unsure how to know if the cat is a breed, it is recommended that you talk to a veterinarian. He will be able to better evaluate the pussy and point out which type it belongs to.

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