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how it can help increase your business revenue

The pet market is one of the few that can go through economic crises without great difficulties. This is due to the change in tutors’ behavior observed in recent decades. Feeling day by day the benefits of living with pets, people have them as family members and do what they can to ensure their well-being.

This is the Pet Care concept, in which there is a concern with the quality of life of the animals. Whoever runs a pet shop needs to keep constantly updated precisely to meet this new demand for true care. The good news, however, is that by prioritizing excellent products and services, the chances of the business being more profitable are greater

After all, how can Pet Care increase pet shop revenue? What are the trends for the sector? Stay with us and get inspired to stand out from the competition!

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Offer variety of products

In order for your store to always be among the top choices of tutors, you need to offer what they are looking for. However, avoid the basics. Have on your shelves a wide variety of products that are on the rise and let the customer feel free to choose them.

Prove to the clientele that, in your pet shop, you can find everything they need. However, always look for quality suppliers – remember that this is the basis of Pet Care.

Bet on quality food

The tutors have extended the care with their own food to their pets. That is, they are also concerned with offering healthy, nutritious foods that improve health and increase the longevity of their fur.

In addition, they also take care of their pets according to their lifestyle. So, bet on natural, vegan or functional foods, for example, which are health promoters and regulate the animals’ organism.

Rations are among the best-selling products, but to become more profitable, you need to focus the differential of each brand.

Provide value services

In addition to products, a complete pet shop provides services for tutors. However, they are excellent services, which value the care that tutors have with their pets. That is, they are carried out with the attention and affection they expect.

So, you can offer bathing and grooming, dog walker and pet sitter services, for example, or simply valuable consultations on medicines, products and food. However, it is important invest in a qualified team to deliver the promised quality.

If you cannot hire already qualified professionals, look for ways to train your team. Few things are as attractive to customers as the knowledge and authority on the subject that an expert presents.

Remember the cats

Even though dogs are the majority of pets here, the tendency is for cats to play the game. That’s what showed the Pet Census conducted by Instituto Pet Brasil, whose numbers point to an increase of 8.1% in cats in Brazilian homes, against 3.8% in dogs.

If people’s fascination with felines continues along this line, everything indicates that, in a few years, the number of cats will surpass that of dogs in Brazil. Therefore, reserve a good space in your store to meet the demands of your tutors, who are usually as demanding as their pussies.

The pet market remains warm, even in troubled times, thanks to the love and care that tutors give to their pets. Tutors who are your customers. Therefore, Pet Care is one of the best ways to innovate the business, providing quality products, services and consultancy.

Were our tips helpful to you? So, keep going deeper and learn more about the growth of the pet market in Brazil!

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