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How to accustom cat and dog together? Check out our 5 tips

It is not new that dogs and cats are portrayed as natural enemies. The rivalry between pets, however, does not have to be a reality at home.

With some care, it is possible to introduce a new pet into your home without causing any kind of conflict. The secret? Understand that cats and dogs have different needs and instincts and therefore need specific attention for their healthy development.

Want to learn how to accustom cats and dogs in the same environment? In today’s text we will discuss 5 important tips for any pet tutor!

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Ensure a good presentation of pets

The presentation is the most important step when bringing a new pet member to the family.

At this stage, no interaction between cat and dog should happen without your supervision.

In fact, the presentation of pets should be planned in small steps, preferably after meals, when both are already calm and with a full belly.

For the first few days, let each animal explore the smells and sounds of the new visitor in a safe way: through a door, railing or protection that guarantees physical integrity in the event of accidents.

Focus on the gradual approach

Don’t expect pets to become great friends right away. After the presentation, focus on the gradual approach of pets, always supervising any and all types of interaction.

At this stage, it is important to gradually increase the pets’ time.

Eventually, both will learn to tolerate each other’s presence without causing too much noise.

Create safe environments for your animals

Depending on the size of the dog, the chances of the cat being injured in a direct conflict are much greater.

So it is important to create safe spaces that are out of your puppy’s reach. Make good use of upright bookcases and stands that will guarantee the kitten a refuge in case of need.

In addition, security crates can be installed indoors to limit pets’ access to certain environments, such as the kitchen, for example.

Offer rewards

Verbal rewards and snacks are great alternatives to crystallize good behaviors in your pets.

Interacted without a fight? Reward. No growls or hisses of menace? Reward.

Over time, the pet will understand that the ideal is to remain calm and avoid any type of conflict.

Pay attention to the personality of pets!

Dogs and cats have different personalities and behaviors, and seeing this is the first step in ensuring good living together inside the home.

Still, it is common for dogs and cats of one or another breed to behave completely differently from each other. Therefore, it is essential to observe the personality of your pet in particular.

Is your kitten more or less energetic? And your dog, is he more or less sociable?

Understanding the pet’s personality traits helps a lot when it comes to finding the ideal companion – even if it is of a different kind.

Dogs and cats demand specific care, and it is with this in mind that we prepare exclusive content for you!

Want to know how to care for a cat or puppy dog? Check now the essential tips that we separated here on the blog!

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