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How to add value in pet shop services?

Understanding how to add value in the pet shop is essential to stand out in the market and increase sales. Therefore, it is important to look for tips on how to do this, in addition, of course, to apply them in your business. That way, you will not only be able to differentiate your company from competitors, but also to retain customers.

To help with this, we have separated some simple tips for you to add value to your pet shop. Follow us!

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Offer complementary services for pets

  • The first suggestion is to expand what is offered in your pet shop, but not only in variety of products, but in pet services care and the like. In other words, try offering one or more of the following options:
  • bath and grooming;
  • walk with pets;
  • lodging for dogs or cats. That way, when the owners need to travel or be away from home for some time, they can leave their animals in their pet shop;
  • training for pets;
  • transportation of pets. In that case, get the pet for other services and then take them back to their owners;
  • aesthetic treatment for animals, such as brushing and whitening their teeth, moisturizing and smoothing the coat, detangling and removing hair, etc.
  • caregiver services – this professional, known as pet sitter (nanny), usually takes the pet for a walk and to the vet, takes care of its food and takes care of other daily care with the pet. You can hire someone at your pet shop to do this or enter into a partnership with a professional who performs these activities.

Award prizes, discounts or giveaways

  • Another option to add value is to grant some benefits to current customers and also to attract new ones. For example, you can offer discounts for purchases over a certain amount or for those who refer new consumers to your pet store.
  • Instead of discounts, it is also possible to give free gifts, like other products. In fact, you can take advantage of this type of strategy to reduce items that are out of stock. A variation of this very common tip in the market is the well-known “pay 2, take 3”.
  • In addition, try to reward those most frequent customers, that is, those who frequently buy at your pet shop. This can help build customer loyalty, in addition to encouraging them to continue purchasing items in your business. They will even be able to promote their pet shop among their friends, family and contacts through the so-called “word of mouth marketing”.

Make partnerships that provide benefits to your customers

Establishing partnerships with other companies is not only able to promote your pet shop, but also contributes to customer loyalty. This is because you will be able to grant discounts or free services to your partners’ consumers, after they have fulfilled certain requirements.

For example, there are discount clubs that generate points for customers. After gathering a minimum amount, they win vouchers or coupons that entitle them to free gifts or discounts at their pet shop.

The opposite is also true, that is, after customers accumulate a certain amount in purchases at your establishment, they may receive discounts or gifts from their partners. For this, it is necessary to close partnerships that contemplate this option.

It is worth reinforcing the importance of adding value in the pet shop to be remembered by the customer and, above all, having their preference when shopping. So, try to apply some of the tips or all of them to be able to differentiate your business!

Take advantage now to check out tips that can help increase your business sales even in times of crisis!

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