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How to care for an orphaned newborn puppy?

Who has never dreamed of having a puppy at home? Well, the adoption of a pet is an act of love and an attitude that is very good for the relationship between humans and animals. But before putting this action into practice, it is necessary to understand that adoption requires some care from your guardians, especially if it is an orphaned newborn puppy.

This is because, in the first weeks of the puppy’s life, he is still very fragile and for him to grow in a healthy way, it is necessary to pay attention to issues such as food, evacuation and adequate body temperature.

So, to ensure your puppy’s good health, continue reading the article and check out our newborn care tips.

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Monitor the puppy’s body temperature

Puppies are unable to regulate body temperature during the first days of life, so it is necessary to pay close attention to this issue to prevent the pet from suffering from problems such as hypothermia.

Therefore, it is essential to find ways for the pet to stay warm – making use of blankets, hot water bags, adequate insulation of the floor -, in addition to frequently monitoring the pet’s temperature to ensure its thermal comfort.

Take care of the newborn puppy’s food

Another important point in the care of the newborn orphaned puppy concerns feeding. So, if the puppy is still in contact with the mother, it is important to always observe if he is managing to suckle naturally, without major difficulties.

If the pet has passed the breastfeeding phase or has not been able to access breast milk at this early point in life, the care of the guardians redoubles. This is because it is necessary to offer the puppy special industrialized milk for pets and to give it several times a day.

To help feed the dog, it is interesting to use syringes or a dropper to simulate a bottle. And about the amount of food, everything will depend on the weight of the pet, but you need to feed it every two hours. And that time interval increases as the pet grows and receives the necessary nutrients to have a healthy life.

Pay attention to the pet’s physiological needs

As the metabolism of dogs is immature in the first days of life, the acts of evacuation and urination need to be stimulated, as it is not recommended that they do their needs alone.

Normally, the puppy’s mother does this by licking the puppy’s anal and urinary zones, but tutors can simulate this maternal care by massaging the spot using a damp cotton pad.

But it is important to remember that this stimulus needs to be done at least ten times a day, since the puppy is fed every two hours.

As noted, taking care of an orphaned newborn puppy requires special care from its guardians, and therefore it is important that you are aware that the initial moment in the puppy’s life is challenging, but that all of this is rewarded with the love and joy that a pet provides for a home.

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