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How to change the dog’s food correctly? Understand

When a dog is welcomed by a family, he becomes the center of attention, being the target of all care and pampering. But, in addition to toys and a beautiful bed (which are also important), special attention to feeding our pets it is essential to maintain their health and well-being.

Anyone who has been a tutor for a long time knows that sometimes our animals spend years eating the same feed. Therefore, the time to change the dog’s diet can raise many doubts. In this article, we bring some explanations on the subject, so that you can change your dog’s food in the best way. Continue reading and learn more!

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Why change the dog’s food?

First, it is important to know the reasons that lead to the need to change a dog’s diet. Among the reasons, we highlight the following:

Change of age group

In different stages of life, a dog’s body demands nutrients in different ways. In this way, appropriate foods are developed for each of these stages: when the puppy weans, he already receives a specific ration; as soon as he grows up, another food is offered to him and, when he finally reaches old age, there are also rations that can meet the nutritional needs of elderly animals.

Health and reproductive conditions

In addition to age, certain health conditions can lead the guardian to change the dog’s diet: when he becomes ill or faces permanent health problems, the veterinarian can indicate the consumption of special foods. Likewise, a pregnant or nursing dog can change her feed, as she needs more nutrition in these phases, and a gelding it may require a specific ration to nourish it without getting fat.

Food allergy

Some animals may experience allergic reactions to certain foods, due to the origin of the proteins that make them up. Thus, it is possible – and necessary – to change the feed until it reaches the ideal product, sometimes even being replaced by hypoallergenic foods.

How to choose the new feed?

When choosing another dog food, it is essential to consider the levels of guarantee and enrichment, as well as their basic composition. In addition, find out if the feed manufacturer is suitable and considered a reference in animal nutrition. Also pay attention to information ethics: it is very important that you have access to it and that it is correct.

How to change the food?

The change of the dog’s feed needs to be gradual, to avoid problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting, which can affect some animals. To do so, reserve a little of the old feed, in sufficient quantity to follow the following transition schedule:

  • on days 1 and 2, offer 75% of the old ration and 25% of the new one;
  • on days 3 and 4, 50% of the old ration and 50% of the new one;
  • on days 5 and 6, 25% of the old ration and 75% of the new one,
  • from the 7th, serve 100% of the new ration.

Now you know how to change the dog’s food safely, choosing quality and suitable food for your pet. In this process, also look for the veterinarian who serves your dog so that he knows the care you have given him and accompanies any setbacks that may occur.

To continue taking proper care of your dog’s health, read our text on right amount of food you should offer him.

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