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How to choose a good dog and cat food distributor?

Offering a good mix of products in the petshop is essential when it comes to winning new customers and ensuring the competitive edge of your business. The Brazilian market of nutrition for domestic animals, according to data from AbinPet, represented more than 73.3% of the total sales of product sales for the category, being, even, one of the main reasons that lead people to visit a petshop.

So if you’re thinking about improve your sales, it is time to also invest in the ideal feed distributor for your business.

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What factors to consider when choosing a feed distributor?

Choosing a distributor is not easy, we know. The entire process needs to be carefully planned to ensure not only the variety of products, but also the quality, turnover and price.

Below you can find 5 tips on how to analyze the best dog and cat food distributor on the market!

1. Public demand

What your client wants? This factor is fundamental when choosing the pet food distributor. It’s no use filling the shelves with products that don’t talk to your petshop audience.

Therefore, research consumer demand and take into account the types of feed most sought after by the parish.

2. Quality of food

The temptation of low prices is great, but it is important to remember that poor quality food does not retain customer loyalty. Another negative point of the lack of quality in pet food is that the low rate of repurchase will bring the stagnation of your store’s stock: and this implies a very high financial risk!

Look for Standard, Premium or Super Premium certified foods and value this differential in the offer to the customer.

3. Variety of products

The greater the variety of items offered in your petshop, the greater the chance of winning over the customer and meeting their expectations.

We know that each pet needs a specific type of food, so looking for distributors that guarantee a good mix is ​​an important part of a strategy aimed at boost business profit the whole year. Certain types of feed can balance the low demand for other products and thus guarantee store stock turnover.

4. Payment terms

When choosing the distributor, also take into account the payment terms offered for your petshop.

Some suppliers may offer better terms, flexibility in payment methods and even discounts for large quantities. Negotiating and budgeting is the first step in having the certainty of a good deal.

5.Differentials for the petshop

Does the chosen distributor bring news and differentials to the petshop? In addition to quality and variety, it is essential to take into account main trends in the pet food market, and it is the distributor’s responsibility to ensure that these news reach their shelves.

Therefore, when choosing, evaluate the range of products that can truly add value to your business, differentiating it from its main competitors.

Still in doubt of how to find the best pet food distributor? Then take the opportunity to know Matsuda Pet quality and invest in the success of your petshop!

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