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How to increase the income of your pet distributor?

Who doesn’t dream of doubling or tripling their business revenue? In the pet market, it is possible to observe how new ideas emerge all the time and seem to transform the way people consume their products.

Diversifying is the watchword for those who intend to improve the distributor’s revenue, but, before that, it is necessary to think strategically and evaluate what can or cannot be changed in the way they do business.

In today’s text we brought 4 tips that will help, and a lot, those who intend to upgrade their sales and, in addition, increase their sales.

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Loyalty customers

Customer loyalty is a consequence of a well-provided service and, for that, it is essential to understand the demands of the clientele and meet them before the competition does.

Loyal customers are much cheaper than new customers.

In addition, with loyal customers, you have a much better chance of predicting the distributor’s periodic billing, and you can also receive spontaneous referrals – valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Therefore, invest in excellent service, offer advantages for recurring purchases and reinforce the reasons that make your distributor the ideal choice.

Reduce costs

Increasing revenues and reducing costs and expenses in the business is the dream of every entrepreneur.

But this is not an easy task: the fixed and variable costs of your distributor need to be placed on the tip of the pencil and monitored month by month in order to identify any opening for reductions.

Costs with staff, transportation, suppliers, returns and marketing, for example, can be monitored from the definition of indicators in the company, providing data and results that allow the evaluation for future cuts.

Here on the blog we have a complete text on how to reduce the costs of your distributor.

Price correctly

Prices and services in the pet sector are constantly changing, so you need not be afraid to adjust the amount charged to your distributor.

Pricing is one of the pillars of strategic financial management in a business and can be made from three data: total cost (of purchase and sale), prices charged by the competition and added value.

There is no ideal profit margin, but it is essential to experiment with your prices and find the alternative that keeps the flow of purchases at the distributor without causing losses.

Invest in technology

Nowadays it is impossible to grow without investing in technology.

A distributor with high sales needs to have active control of logistics, sales, personnel and everything else that involves the sales and storage process.

With the help of technology, it is possible to automate a good part of these activities and still reduce operational costs in the company’s routine.

Investing in technology is also investing in a competitive differential for the business, ensuring that the time spent on repetitive tasks can be better used in actions that demand detail.

Successful companies need to reinvent themselves every day. Understanding your audience and adopting strategic management are just the first steps.

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