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How to make a doghouse: step by step

If you intend to adopt a dog or already have the company of a pet, know that finding a place for him to spend time and sleep well is essential. In particular, if he stays out of his residence. In that case, how about making a doghouse?

It is not as difficult as it looks, especially if you want simplicity. What’s more, you can use your creativity and reuse materials that you sometimes have at home.

Your pet will probably love having their own shelter, even if it is inside a house or apartment. This is because this environment is like a kind of refuge, in which he can feel protected and have greater tranquility.

To help you provide a place like this for him, we’ve selected some steps that are useful for making a doghouse. Check out!

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Choose a model

To start, decide on the model of the house. It may not seem like it, but there are many different types of sizes, shapes and materials. In addition, some are mobile and others are fixed.

Larger houses may even have external “areas” and internal partitions. This increases the protection of the animal against bad weather (rain, wind) that can reach it from the outside to the inside, through the entrance. It also ensures an isolated place for him to sleep.

It is worth mentioning that there are models that simulate tents and dens, the latter partially buried. Anyway, the variety is great. However, be sure to consider your pet’s characteristics when choosing a type.

For example, if he is a small dog or puppy, a little house that is too big will probably not give him the sense of security he needs. On the other hand, if the shelter is smaller, it will soon become tight as the puppy will grow.

Therefore, you will have to make a bigger one. When in doubt, the tip is to look for a modular or demountable model, which can expand over time.

Decide where the house will be built

This step is usually followed in parallel with the previous one. This is because the location where the house will be built can affect the choice of model, in the same way that it may require a specific environment.

Deciding the place before building is important for you to acquire materials that are suitable for that environment, otherwise, you may have unpleasant surprises when you start the assembly.

The size of the house is incompatible with the place and materials that deteriorate easily in the chosen environment are some of them. For example, when setting up this shelter in the open and using parts that spoil in constant contact with water, the house will certainly not last long in the rainy season. If the materials are not heat treated, it will feel very hot or cold inside.

Another tip to choose the place of the house is to observe the behavior of the animal. If he likes to be close to people, then set up the structure near crowded environments. It may be close to corridors and doors. If the animal prefers silence and less agitation, then it is interesting to place the house in a more reserved environment.

Make a sketch about what the house will look like

With the location and the chosen model it is already possible to imagine what the house will look like. In this case, the tip is to sketch it. At this point, some questions may be useful for you to design the appropriate model:

  • what will be the shape of the house?
  • will the indoor space comfortably accommodate the dog? It is necessary that he not only be able to lie inside her, but also be able to stand and sit;
  • will there be a place to put the bowls with water and dog food?
  • can another dog or cat (if they live together) be able to live with him there? In that case, its size should be larger.

Gather the tools and materials to build

Try to gather all the tools and materials to make the house before starting work. This way, you will avoid interruptions and be able to quickly build shelter for your furry companion.

Regarding the materials, it is possible to use not only wood and bricks, but also pet bottles, milk cartons, pallets, among other recyclable and creative materials. However, it is recommended that you give preference to items:

  • waterproof, especially if the house is outdoors and uncovered;
  • non-toxic;
  • easily washable;
  • anti-fungi;
  • that prevent mold;
  • ecological;
  • with good soundproofing properties, so that the dog can sleep better in noisy environments;
  • with thermal treatment or insulation, as these elements better preserve the internal temperature of the house.

Build the doghouse

Now it’s time to get down to business! Just don’t forget to move the pet away from the construction site. This is for him not to get hurt with the tools and not to hinder you in trying to use the house before it is ready.

If you are having trouble planning a beautiful and practical model or making a doghouse, just search for photos, videos and other educational materials on the web. Using them as a reference, you will be able to set up a beautiful “residence” for your pet. And don’t forget to decorate it!

To inaugurate your furry’s new home, how about offering a tasty and suitable meal for him? With that in mind, we have prepared a special article with the main types of feed for you to choose the ideal one!

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