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How to make toys for cats with recyclable material? Check out 3 easy ideas

Have you ever come home with a lot of expensive toys from the pet shop, and your pussy doesn’t give a damn about them? Then on a beautiful day you find him going mad running around the house and realize that he is playing with the cap of the soda bottle that disappeared at lunchtime?

Those who guard cats know that they are not very demanding when it comes to fun, after all, everyone knows that cats love simple cardboard boxes. Besides them, pussies are very fond of items that they can pick up, slide and throw up – imitating what they would do with small prey in the wild.

So, nothing better than making cat toys out of recyclable material, do you agree? We’ve separated 3 very easy ideas that will relieve stress and satisfy your furry hunter’s instinct, look!

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Cork stopper with plume

It is very likely that your cat will have fun with the cork alone, since they are light and they can cover them easily. When the cat gets tired of the toy, you can increase it to attract the fur’s attention again.

To do this, just pass a pin with colored wool threads or pieces of other shiny and noisy materials, such as cellophane. In haberdasheries and craft stores you can find artificial feathers to stick on corks too!

If you want to see your cat even happier with the new toy, try boiling the cork in water with catnip, catnip.

Kong type toy

A kong-type toy is one that releases snacks for the cat – and this is the stimulus for the cat to get out of bed and go to exercise a little. You will need:

  • a pet bottle (one of those little ones);
  • marker to mark the cuts;
  • stylus;
  • snack.

Draw small squares randomly distributed by the bottle and cut them with the help of the stylus. The holes must be large enough to drop a snack, but not so big as to free all of them at once (so the game would be over in a minute!). Then, just put some snacks in the bottle and make it available for the pussy!

If you want to increase it, you can make a little hole in the lid and insert some plumes (which will stay out of the bottle, of course). You can also line the plastic bottle with newspaper or other colored paper (be careful to cut out the squares), so that the cat does not see the amount of snack in the toy.

You can also use the toilet paper rolls as a kong toy. Just fold one end in, place the snacks and close the other end. Your furry will love the challenge!

Toys with fabrics

Here, you can take any flap you have at home and simply knot a few pieces together (making the knot look round, like a candy). Perforate the ends and that’s it! The toy will have the ideal weight for your pussy to slide around the house. If you want, you can hang a rattle, or tie a long string to have fun with the pussy!

Cats are quite lazy, but also very playful. Since domestic cats do not hunt, play is very important for their healthy development. By making toys for cats with recyclable material, you stimulate physical exercise and take away the stress of the fur, without spending anything on it!

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