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Is it possible to train a cat? understand how

Training cats is not impossible as many people think. On the contrary, it might be easier than you think. All animals are capable of training, since regularity is the main factor that determines adherence to a new routine.

You are certainly training your cat every day, when you scold him for doing something wrong or yell “no” to stop him — the problem is that these attitudes only reinforce an undisciplined posture, because what your pet really wants is get your attention.

This is a basic training principle: if the owner’s behavior is something the PET expects or results in some action or consequence that satisfies or attracts it, it will do it again.

That’s why you can—and should—train your cat. Thus, the relationship between you and other family members will be even more harmonious. In this article, we explain some basic requirements for you to train your cat. Come on?

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Observe what motivates your cat the most

If your cat has been with you longer, you will surely know which foods, treats, toys, and pets are most motivating for her.

It’s important to find out what most motivates your cat, because, in principle, this will be your bargaining chip whenever he performs an action or command of yours. Remember that they tend to be more palatable than dogs and may not accept anything you offer in return. So, take care of the reward!

Divide the workout into stages

The process should be broken down into small steps. For example, after doing a routine activity that he enjoys, such as petting, reward him in a way that he associates pleasure and taste with good deeds he performed.

Then associate activities your cat doesn’t like with the reward, such as trimming his nails, so he feels more comfortable and less reluctant. Do this gradually so that the process is attributed to something positive — it may seem tiring at first, but the result will be rewarding.

Don’t make training sessions massive and stressful: include short-term activities, balance with more complex ones, and don’t try to progress too quickly.

Do the same actions often

As we said, it is the regularity that helps to determine a behavior, be it positive or negative. Therefore, when training your pussy, always keep the routine of activities and the frequency with which they happen.

Some tricks are easier to teach, such as pawing, as, intuitively, animals tend to perform this action. Others, like making him lie down or picking up a toy, require more effort and time.

Never give the snack before your pet performs the desired action and always show your satisfaction when it reaches the goal. After a few repetitions, he will tend to perform the trick without the need for the treats.

As you can see, training your cat is not difficult: just a little patience, positivity, regularity and encouragement!

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