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Is it worth selling pet shop products at the veterinary clinic?

Many veterinary clinic owners have doubts whether it is worth selling pet shop products in their establishments. This is quite natural, after all, investing in a new segment brings insecurities to the manager.

However, with good planning, the sale of relevant items for pets and guardians becomes a way to attract and retain customers to the clinic. This is because the main factor that shapes this new relationship is the trust that tutors have in their pets’ veterinarians.

After all, what are the advantages of selling pet store products in veterinary clinics and offices? Stay with us and find out!

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Increase in revenue

Diversifying the clinic’s services contributes to increased revenue, since the client can solve his problems in one place. You should only be careful to offer what your customers consume.

For a good start, invest in food and have a good mix of products in the establishment. According to Abinpet, the Pet Food segment was responsible for 73.9% of the revenue of the pet sector in 2018, so it is a great bet!

Increased clinic visits

With more services being made available at the veterinary clinic, the chances of consumers visiting the establishment looking for a product are enormous. So, instead of having tutors who arrive at the clinic just for veterinary appointments, you will have customers attending your business to buy your pets’ feed.

In the end, one service will “pull” the other. You can acquire new clients for the clinic (who got to know your business because of the products for sale on the spot), or it may be that the tutor takes advantage of the consultation to buy something.

Next month his pet doesn’t need to consult? Okay, he’ll be back, since his furry dog ​​can’t be without quality food.

Building public confidence

As we said at the beginning of the post, trust is the basis of the relationship between tutor and veterinarian. Wanting the best for their pets, the tutor takes into account the professional’s guidelines, especially regarding Pet Care.

Depending on how much you invest in this relationship, customers become loyal to your clinic. Still, they become promoters of their brand, doing word of mouth advertising.

Expansion of the partner network

You cannot operate in the pet sector in isolation. After all, as you well know, the true welfare of animals depends on a number of factors. It does not help the tutor to take your pet for a consultation when there is a problem, if he does not offer quality food that promotes his health all the time, would you agree?

In this sense, by making products relevant to the health and welfare of animals available at your establishment, you expand your network of partners. This favors the reinforcement of your name as a professional in the field.

As you have seen, selling pet shop products at the veterinary clinic has many advantages for the business. The initiative is even more worthwhile in times of economic crisis, such as the one that the Covid-19 pandemic caused. It is necessary to reinvent and diversify market niches to keep the business running smoothly.

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