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Marketing for petshops: check out 5 tips to increase sales

Investing in marketing for petshops is essential for your business not only to survive in the market, but also to organize your finances and grow in this sector that has presented good numbers.

To give you an idea, in 2019, the pet products industry earned R $ 22.3 billion, making Brazil the fourth largest in the sector in the world. In addition, there were 141.6 million pets in the country in the period. These data are from the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet).

As a comparison, in 2018, the sector’s turnover reached R $ 20.3 billion and, in 2006, it was R $ 3.3 billion. Quite a growth! This shows the size of the Brazilian market and, above all, its growth potential.

To take advantage of industry opportunities, you need to invest in marketing for petshops. But how to start? To help with this, we have listed five tips for your petshop to sell more. Check out!

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1. Invest in digital marketing

In 2019, Brazil had 134 million Internet users. A large audience, don’t you think? Therefore, you need to invest in digital marketing to be able to advertise your petshop to a number of these people. In that case, remember to take your business to social media, that is, open pages, create accounts, make profiles etc. to promote your products and your store on them!

2. Make agreements with pet tutors influencers

Speaking of social media, you’ve heard of so-called pet influencers? They are well-known pets on social networks, video platforms and other digital media. Their tutors produce content for the daily lives of these pets, showing fun scenes and other subjects related to these pets.

With a wide audience of followers gathered over time, establishing partnerships with the tutors of these pet influencers can help you reach a considerable number of people interested in your products and services!

3. Offer virtual assistance

Many customers may stop buying from you simply because they are unable to contact your business quickly. Therefore, it is important to offer a good service, and especially virtual.

In this case, talk to customers in the chats and comments of social networks and offer service through WhatsApp. You can even make sales through this instant messenger!

4. Hold promotional and adoption events

An interesting tip that can help you not only close deals, but improve the image of your petshop is to hold pet adoption events. That way, in addition to attracting people to visit your store, you can also help many animals find people who can take care of them!

In addition, hold themed promotional events where you grant discounts on products and carry out activities that can attract customers. For example, meetings of cat or dog owners and a day with many partners offering special services for pets at promotional prices (some even for free). The aim is to attract customers to get to know the place.

5. Establish partnerships with suppliers and other agents

You can partner with suppliers and other agents to expand your product range and get a referral network.

For starters, by offering Pet Vet and Pet Care items you are more likely to attract a wider variety of customers. By the way, of the R $ 22.3 billion in billing for the pet products industry, in 2019, 18.4% and 8.3% corresponded, respectively, to these segments. The other 73.3% were from the Pet Food area.

If you can offer products and services related to these areas, even better! In other words, how about establishing a partnership with a veterinarian who will attend your establishment? Or, even offer bathing and grooming services? And aesthetic treatments for animals? The products used in these procedures can be purchased at your own store.

Some services will need their own infrastructure, but others can be adapted in your own establishment and there are those that are simpler to offer, such as dog walkers.

Over time, the investment may pay off. In addition, your store will tend to become a point of reference for customers in your region for a wide variety of services and products. The important thing is to look for reliable suppliers and professionals who can establish these partnerships.

You can also refer partners outside your store, that is, pet hotels, pet handlers, places for adoption, etc. The list of services you can offer is extensive! The best thing is that these professionals and establishments will also be able to recommend your store to their customers.

It is important to have partners and a good supplier so that customers not only find the products they need, they also have services and a wide variety of quality goods available. After all, this can make a good impression on the public!

Don’t have a pet supply store, but a veterinary clinic? See if it is worth selling petshop products in it!

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