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Meet the 10 most popular animal social networks in the world

The pets definitely conquered the contact with the families, being considered true members. That’s because they are cute, adorable and are always ready to fill the house with joy. For this, they abuse the affection and the games, which made them also gain space on the internet, making it successful on social networks for animals.

They turn into menes and go viral very quickly, making it very successful among users. Some have even become digital influencers, with their humans maintaining a periodic posting routine.

Want to know which are the 10 most popular animal social networks in the world? Then read on!

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  1. Arknoah

ARKNOAH is a dynamic and fun animal social network, being the first exclusive social network for pets in Brazil. The platform was launched in late 2019 and it is possible to register any type of pet, from parrot to small fish.

It is also possible to have access to accredited services on this social network, with the availability of pet shops and pet care within your radius of location. With that, it is possible to make schedules for the application of vaccines or even bathing and grooming, for example.

  1. Dogster

Dogster is an American social network with content aimed exclusively at those who love dogs. The platform presents a differentiated proposal, encouraging the user to pay tribute to their dog.

There is a library with information about the most diverse breeds, and the most interesting is that the network offers tips on how to train and have control of the canine. The pet owner can still create a profile with the dog’s information and create a photo album. The intention is to be able to find a partner for the canine by exchanging information on the social network.

  1. FacePets

The Spanish social network FacePets has gained notoriety among animal lovers. It has the same concept as the other social networks, and every day it gains more followers, for being a very didactic network.

In addition to the proposal to share the pet’s profile, FacePets encourages interaction with other users, favoring friendships among pet owners. For those looking for responsible adoption, FacePets also provides a link, where users can view photos and have access to the main information about animals.

  1. BarkCam

Available exclusively for iOS, BarkCam is an application with a highlight for dogs. The application makes it possible for the user to capture the best moments of their pet, and has a very practical option that allows, from attractive sounds, to attract the attention of your little animal. With that, fun photos are guaranteed!

  1. Facebook

Pets are also very present on the most famous social network in the world, Facebook. There, one in ten profiles are of dogs, according to a survey by the social network itself.

The success of pets is evidenced by hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of likes, which are the most successful on the social network. The creativity of humans with their pets is so great that Facebook itself values ​​this, recognizing the verified profiles with stamps and highlighting them on the network.

  1. Masquemascotas

Masquemascotas is a Spanish social network for pets and brings a differentiated proposal, with the distribution of points, which allow them to make future exchanges for products and partners, which may be for food, accessories or even toys. The most interesting thing is that this network is defined as much more than a social network for dogs. Today, it already has more than 5,000 animals registered.

  1. Catmoji

This social network is exclusive to felines and cat lovers in general. Catmoji has its features very similar to other social networks for pets, as each cat has a profile with photos, and content where you can like or share.

It also offers awards or even trophies for those who share more and receive more likes. Today it is only available in English, but it is very didactic to use, and even if you do not speak English, it is possible to use the platform, since the functions are very interactive.

  1. Petinder

Now, even if you’re not a fan of dating apps, you’ll love Petinder a lot. The app basically works like Tinder, the human-oriented dating app.

Petinder is a relationship tool in which you can find a partner for your pet, and the most interesting thing is that it works with a location close to where the person lives or is at the time of using the tool. Who knows, your pet may not find a partner?

  1. IpetMe

Much more than funny pictures, this social network for animals is 100% Brazilian. IpetMe offers a lot of information about pets, and brings the opportunity for humans to talk to veterinarians willing to answer any questions that the person currently has. Thus, much more than a simple social network, IpetMe is able to add value to users and professionals in the sector.

  1. Instagram

And finally, to illustrate this list with the 10 most popular social networks in the world, Instagram could not be left out of this list, as it strengthens itself as one of the largest social network in the world. In it, it is also possible to share the records of the furry ones and generate interaction and engagement.

Currently, the platform launched Reels, a tool that allows users to create videos in real time of up to 15 seconds. The advantage is due to the various creative resources, but if the user chooses to do a live with the pet, this is also possible, and for that it is enough to use the available tools.

As you can see, there are several social networks for animals. School that identifies you most to share your pet’s best moments!

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