Quanto meu animal de estimação deve comer? Conheça a quantidade certa

Who has never been touched by the pleading looks of a dog at the foot of the table or intimidated by the impatient looks of a cat next to the feed jar? Those who live with pets know how difficult it is to resist and deny a handful of delights.

However, care must be taken not to overdo the dose, neither for more nor for less. This is because health and animal welfare are directly linked to the quantity and quality of your food.

After all, how much should the pet eat? That’s what we’ll talk about next. Stay with us and find out!

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How much should my pet eat?

Nowadays, pets share our home and our routine, sharing space as members of our family. However, we can never forget that they are different, having different organisms, metabolism and needs than ours. That means that we shouldn’t even share our food, nor our eating habits with our pets.

Modern diets are manufactured to fully meet the nutritional demands of cats and dogs. For this reason, it is important to choose quality food of suitable origin so that the specific nutrients for each animal and each phase of the pet’s life are not lacking.

In general, it is necessary to take into account the age, weight, size and personality of each animal to calculate the ideal portion. Like this, young animals need to eat in greater quantity than adults, because their body is in development: muscle, skeleton, organs, immunity, hormones, etc., besides having a behavior of moving more, playing more and thus spending more energy.

Small pets naturally need less food than large pets; and, likewise, pets that are overweight need to have the amount of feed regulated or increase the physical exercises practiced by him. In addition, it is essential to offer food directed to the pet’s life stage, as they contain the necessary nutrients to meet the physiological need of the moment.

In the next topics we will see in more detail about the right amount for dogs and cats.

How much feed should be given to the dog?

All dogs, in general, should be fed twice a day so that they develop fully, as early as dawn and dusk, precisely at times when wild game would leave the burrow and return to it. However, you need to know the total daily amount of feed for the day.

Depending on the weight of the dog, you should offer:

  • miniature postage I (up to 3kg) – average of 7% of ideal weight;
  • miniature size II (3 to 5 kg) – 5 to 6% of the ideal weight;
  • small size (from 5 to 10kg) – 4 to 5% of the ideal weight;
  • medium size (10 to 22 kg) – 4 to 5% of the ideal weight;
  • large size (from 22 to 40kg) – 3.5 to 4.5% of the ideal weight;
  • giant size (40kg +) – 3.5 to 4% of the ideal weight.

It is recommended to offer meals always at the same times, as this helps to establish a routine for the dog, respecting its digestive process.

How much feed should be given to the cat?

Cats have the habit of eating several times a day, eating about 5 g at each meal. An adult cat, healthy and active, consumes 15 to 20 g of food per kilogram of its body weight, approximately.

This amount can be divided into 10 to 20 small portions. However, the number of intakes depends a lot on the organism and personality of the pussy and also on the feed composition, since high-quality feed tends to supply and satisfy furry animals better.

However, try to distribute this amount so that there is always food available in the pot, respecting the nature of the pussies. Furthermore, for cats it is also crucial to offer food that matches their life stage, since metabolism changes with advancing age.

Okay, now you know the amount of feed you should offer your dog and your cat! We remind you that it is essential that you talk to Vof his confidence so that he can guide and establish the best diet for his furry ones, taking into account the particularities of each one.

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