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Stressed cat in quarantine: 3 tips on what to do

Quarantine is being a difficult time for humans, and it is different for pets. Due to the fact that people stay much longer at home and with excessive noise, the tendency is for cats to be stressed by all this movement.

Behaviors such as aggression, apathy, diarrhea and vomiting can be noticed among stressed cats. So it is important to be aware of your feline’s signs and adopt alternatives to calm the cat.

So, in this article we have separated some tips for you to follow, follow the reading!

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Create a comfortable environment for the cat to stay

Is your work environment at home calm and peaceful? So take the time to set up your cat’s corner next to you.

Place his bed next to your desk and let him keep you company all day. And make it a habit to avoid as much interference in the pet’s routine.

This way, you will have a great company to work with and still allow the kitten to be calm, comfortable and stress free.

Take care of the feline feed

Another point that is important to give a lot of attention is in relation to the feeding of your pet. As the time spent at home is longer, the tendency is for you to give your pet more food, especially snacks.

And so that the pet does not have problems with overweight, it is important to create a feeding routine – set times for meals and the ideal amount of feed, considering the needs of the pussy – and to combine food with energy expenditure, stimulating the playing cat, for example.

Establish a play routine

Even if cats love to sleep, adding games to the routine is essential for the health and well-being of the pussies, not to mention that it is a great alternative to prevent cats from being stressed in the quarantine.

For this reason, mark your schedule with defined times to play with the kitten – doing this is essential for you not to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life – and choose games with which your pet most identifies.

To help you, we have separated some examples for you and your cat to play together:

  • wand: this is a simple toy, but it entertains the cats a lot. And if you don’t have one at home, make yours with a pen, a piece of string and some ball at the end;
  • cardboard box: cats’ favorite goal can turn into a great amusement park! Just make circular openings along the box, put a little ball inside and let the pet have fun;
  • hide and seek: this game is a great exercise for both cats and humans. The idea is to hide behind a wall or door and wait for the cat to find you – and make it even more fun, rewarding your pet with snacks for winning the game.

Now that you know what to do so that your cat is not stressed during quarantine, remember to make it a routine, so that your pet will always be healthy and happy.

Did you like our tips? So, to get even more into the felines’ lives, check out the article on the personality types of cats!

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