The best place for the litter box

The best place for the litter box – Many owners with little experience in raising cats indoors ask me what is the best place to put the litter box and, in fact, this is a very important question for the puppy to learn to use it properly.

The best place for the litter box – Although many people think that training for the kitten to learn to use the litter box is similar to training a dog that lives indoors, this is certainly not the case. Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually do their needs anywhere and on different types of surfaces. This is a common type of mistake for a puppy in the early days of a new home, but for cats this is a little different. In fact, cats are naturally inclined to do their thing in a more reserved place, and on a surface with the texture of sand, where they usually bury their waste.

The best place for the litter box

The best place for the litter box

Perhaps the most important tip is in relation to the location you will choose to leave your cat’s litter box. It is essential that the box can always be in the same place, so try to define the location carefully so that there is no need to change the location later. As much as you want the box to be away from you, to avoid the bad smell for example, it is essential that the place is easily accessible for your cat. The best thing is to choose a quiet place in the house, that doesn’t have a lot of movement, where the cat can have some privacy. Depending on the house, a quiet corner in a room or a room that has no use may be the most suitable options. See also what are the best options for cat litter currently available on the market.

The best place for the litter box

The best place for the litter box

Most of the problems that can prevent the cat from learning the right place to do its needs end up due to carelessness or lack of information from the owners. To try to help less experienced owners, I will list in this article some important tips that can be fundamental during the first days with your cat.

The best place for the litter box – common mistakes

As some cats do not accept sharing the litter box with others, an important tip for those who have more than one cat is to observe if the dominant cat is not monopolizing the other litter box. Another tip is in relation to the size of the environment where the litter box will be. Since cats, in general, do not like to feel trapped or cornered, avoid very small places. Many cats need to feel safe to use the litter box and like to look around to see if everything is okay.

The best place for the litter box

The best place for the litter box

A very important tip is to be cautious about the smells and noise of the chosen location. In general, cats are very sensitive to smells and noises, and there are countless reasons for this to end up being rejected by the cat. For example, it is advisable not to place the litter box too close to the food and water bowls, as many cats will not approve of the smell of the box near their water and food. Another common mistake is choosing a very busy place or where there is a lot of noise.

Some owners instinctively choose to put the litter box in the laundry, for example. This can be a mistake, as the noises of washing and drying machines can be frightening, and make the cat look for a quieter place to do his needs.

The best place for the litter box – first days in the new house

When taking a new kitten home, try to keep it in a relatively small place, close to where you intend to put the litter box, at least until he gets used to the new environment and the new home. As the idea is to facilitate the cat or puppy’s access to the litter box, avoid creating unnecessary obstacles, such as placing the box in a place where he needs to go up or down the stairs.

For the first few days, take your cat to the litter box from time to time to get used to the location. Most likely, he’ll end up using the box before venturing around the house again. Gradually, your kitten will learn to make its own way.

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