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Top signs that your cat is healthy!

Taking care of a cat involves many aspects, from giving food, taking care of the fur, keeping vaccines and dewormers up to date, and being aware of the behavior (language) of the feline.

These precautions need to be redoubled when the pet is a puppy, but it is important to be concerned about noticing unusual signs in the pet throughout its life, in order to certify that it is a healthy cat.

But how to guarantee that the pet is in good health? Read on to check out our tips!

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check the cat’s snout

The only thing you need to be aware of is if the muzzle is damp. If so, it’s a good sign that your cat may be in good health.

And apart from that, you don’t need to be extra careful with the muzzle, since the cat itself does its cleaning. So, it being wet is one less issue for you to worry about.

Analyze whether the ears have secretion

The ears of a healthy cat do not have odors or secretions, but unlike the snout, which does not need to be cleaned, with the ears, guardians need to pay more attention.

But this care is easy to be done on a daily basis, just cleaning the animal’s ears with a cotton swab.

Another point you need to pay attention to is the color of the ears — they are normal and have a pinkish tinge — and whether the pet is scratching them too much and shaking its head sharply. If this happens, take him to the veterinarian immediately.

Note the appearance of the eyes

A cat’s healthy eyes look lively, shiny and moist in appearance. So if you notice anything other than that, turn on a warning sign—for example, redness around the eyes is not normal, let alone constant tearing and discharge.

And just like the ears, it’s important to add eye cleaning to the cat care routine. This way, you avoid the accumulation of bugs and bigger problems, such as eye infections and even blindness of the pet.

Assess the cat’s oral health

As challenging as it is to observe a kitten’s mouth, especially when it is an aggressive pet, this procedure is essential to ensure that it is healthy.

Therefore, choose a time when your pet is calmer, and analyze the coloration of the gums and tongue — they should always be pink, because if it looks paler it could be an indication of anemia or another problem.

Another point regarding the cat’s oral health is to check if he has bad breath. And this you can easily notice, for example, when he opens his mouth during playtime, or when he bites an object and leaves a bad odor on it, so you should inspect the teeth and gums, because when installed the dental calculus (tartar) and consequently gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) are usually responsible for this odor. So take the kitten to the specialist.

keep an eye on the cat’s fur

The exchange of fur in cats is a natural process, but this shedding can be worrying when it begins to show gaps along the cat’s coat.

Therefore, it is important when smoothing or brushing the cat’s fur to always look for holes or flaws, and also for the presence of parasites, dandruff, seborrhea and other deformities — and this care needs to be doubled with long-haired cats. Also observe the appearance of the coat in terms of appearance and texture, as a healthy and well-nourished cat has a shiny, soft and silky coat.

Adding all of these steps to daily feline care is critical to having a healthy cat. In addition to ensuring that your pet is happy and has a long life ahead.

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