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Types of dog food: see what are the main

Dogs have different physiological demands than ours. For your partner to develop vigorously and healthily, you need to provide him with a Balanced diet that has all minerals, vitamin supplements and other nutrients in its composition. However, to make the right choice for the furry you must know the types of dog food.

After all, amid so much variety in the market, what is the difference between them? That’s what we’ll talk about here. Stay with us and understand!

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Pet food is the safest way for you to ensure that your dog receives all the nutrients it needs to grow and develop with health and well-being. This is because they are made with different ingredients, which provide vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates in the right measure for the pet.

Many tutors offer their own home-cooked food for their dogs. However, this practice can result in several risks to the pet’s health.

Therefore, rations are a great way for you to ensure that your friend receives, in a balanced way, all the nutrients necessary for the maintenance and promotion of your health. That is, pet food is practical, and complete, offering everything your pet needs.

There are several categories of feed that classify food by the way it is presented, by the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing and by the specific benefit they give to the pet. See below.

Dry and wet foods

The main difference between dry and wet food is the amount of water present. Regarding nutritional values, there is no disparity between them, since both provide a complete food for dogs – of course, as long as they are of superior quality and manufactured by suitable brands.

Wet foods are great options for dogs that don’t drink a lot of water or live in very hot places. They are also the best formats for elderly dogs, as they are soft and more palatable than dry food.

Standard, Premium and Super Premium foods

Regarding the quality of the feed, there are four types. One of them is that of popular rations, which are the cheapest in the markets, with a very variable formulation between batches, manufactured with vegetable and / or animal by-products of the most varied possible, aiming only at the cost of ingredients and never at nutritional quality.

The good quality ones are manufactured by renowned brands, which are committed to the consumer and their pets. They fall into three categories:

  • Standard – made from qualitatively better ingredients than the popular ones. Yet, its formulation is still flexible, as it is still concerned with costs but does not give up on quality, nutritional levels are still low, requiring the consumption of larger quantities to meet the pet’s daily needs.
  • Premium – they are made with richer ingredients, aiming at a more adequate nutrition, with low oscillation formulas, always seeking to meet nutritional needs and always worrying about the nutritional quality of its ingredients and recipes. These nutrients are more digestible, being easily absorbed by the digestive tract of the furry ones;
  • Super Premium – these are the highest quality rations on the market, guarantee levels are optimized, made with noble ingredients, many of them used in human food, meet the “optimal animal nutrition” concept, where above all nutritional quality is desired. Its formulations are fixed, its nutrients are more absorbent, so a small amount of food meets the needs of your animal.

Among the numerous advantages of Premium and Super Premium foods is that they satisfy animals more, which greatly compensates for the higher value on pet store shelves. In addition, they reduce the volume of feces from the furry ones.

Pay attention to the fact that there are no pre-established criteria for this classification, and sometimes many foods classified as Premium can be Standard and other Super Premiums are Premium, what should be taken into account is the suitability of the company.

Rations are still classified according to the benefits they provide for pets. Thus, there are foods developed specifically for puppies dogs, elderly, castrated, diabetic, obese etc. These foods have balanced nutrients to meet the pet’s demands.

As you have seen, there are several types of dog food. Regardless of the stage of life your furry is in, remember to provide him with enriched and complete foods, prepared by serious and renowned companies. Thus, you guarantee your partner’s well-being and a better quality of life!

Did you like our article? So, download our free Basic Feed Guide and know everything you need to ensure the best diet for your best friend!

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