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One of the most important factors in logistical operations is compliance with delivery deadlines without any loss of quality in the provision of this service, nor an increase in its cost. In order to maintain the good reputation of your distributor, it is necessary to seek solutions that guarantee this.

Delivery routing fits perfectly in this context, as a powerful tool that helps to optimize routes, ensuring more agility, economy and efficiency in the distribution of your products.

With that in mind, this post will explain the concept of scripting, its benefits, its types and mode of implementation, so you don’t have any more doubts about it. Let’s check it out?

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1. What is delivery routing?

Delivery routing is a way of optimizing logistical planning for a specific period, considering factors such as the fleet, the type of merchandise, the quantity of deliveries and collections, and even the traffic conditions of each route.

2. What are the benefits of a delivery routing system?

Delivery routing can be done through specialized software for this process. The use of this type of system generates a series of benefits that ensure even greater efficiency in your planning. See some of the advantages of using it:

  • more routes planned through the system;
  • less time invested in planning and executing routes;
  • possibility of integration with customer management software;
  • more driver connectivity and better control of the fleet.

3. How to differentiate scripting types?

In addition to the delivery routing system, there are still some differentiated techniques that can be applied in carrying out the process according to the needs of each logistical event.

The separation of deliveries can be done manually by the driver, classifying deliveries by zip code. Another way to do this is through semi-automatic separation, done through a software with a database of registered CEPs.

It is also possible to use the semi-automatic separation and routing technique in which a professional makes the selection of what will be delivered in each vehicle and the system ends up creating the routes. And there is also the possibility of creating the script in a fully automated way through the system.

4. When should you choose to implement scripting?

Ideally, the tool should be used from the beginning of the merchandise distribution operations, thus preventing errors from happening, leading to losses not only financially, but mainly for the reputation of your distributor.

5. How to implement delivery routing?

For the implementation of delivery routing, some important aspects must be observed. By following the steps below you will be able to start using this feature efficiently:

  • analyze the route required for all deliveries to be carried out;
  • study traffic conditions along this route;
  • make the projection of expenses for the route to be completed;
  • study the deliveries that need to be made in all its aspects, such as the type of product, its dimensions and weight, the place where they will go, etc.;
  • with all these variables in hand, define the best route and delivery time.


Maintaining good delivery logistics is essential for maintaining your distributor’s reputation, as well as for a good relationship with the customer. That’s why adopting the use of delivery routing is an excellent way to ensure this happens.

And now that you know how to take care of your distributor’s delivery logistics, how about downloading the infographic with storage tips for distributors?

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