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What is it and what is the importance of pre-sales for your distributor?

The importance of pre-sales for the profitability of a distributor is equal, if not greater, than post-sales and prompt delivery in the current context. This is because we are experiencing an atypical moment in commerce, in which it is necessary to vary between the total or partial suspension of activities at the points of sale and the opening of the POS with strict security measures.

As a result, people began to feel safer to shop digitally and many businesses had to adapt. Pre-sales facilitate this adaptation, as salespeople or sales representatives contact potential customers via the Internet, often without any physical contact.

In addition, consumers themselves can contact sellers through some of the company’s communication channels (chat apps, e-mail, telephone) or make their purchases at the distributor’s e-commerce.

In this article, we highlight the importance of pre-sales for your distributor’s profitability in our current context. Come on?

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Greater security for customers

As we said, pre-sales at the distributor can be done in person or digitally. In our current context, the less physical contact between sales agents and customers, the greater the security for everyone.

Greater convenience in the choice and purchase process

The consumer 4.0. it craves personalized consumer experiences but also values ​​exclusive aspects of an online purchase: convenience, choice, ease of negotiation, for example.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a sales channel that is available wherever the customer is and at the most favorable moment for them to feel comfortable and secure in their shopping experience.

Reduction of geographic barriers

Pre-sales also favors the presence of your brand in places that would not be possible if you only had physical points of sale. With this, it is possible to increase the chance of meeting the expectations of different customers, even if they are geographically distant from your service units.

However, proper customer service depends on quick delivery and the guarantee that contact with the company will be as personalized as possible.

Decrease in stock

The shipment of the product to the final customer can be done by the distributor right after the dispatch from the industry, or by the industry itself. This direct form of delivery prevents materials from being stocked, which automatically reduces unnecessary costs with stock maintenance, labor for moving items in warehouses and the fixed costs of the storage infrastructure.

Closer contact with customers

Pre-sales bring salespeople closer to customers, as it allows for closer and more personalized contact. Gradually, the professionals who provide this service become familiar with the target audience and can anticipate the demand.

In a PET shop, for example, the sales force can monitor the consumption time of products (food, medicine, nutritional supplements) and offer them on the date close to the end.

This increases customer satisfaction with the company, favors brand loyalty and, consequently, the progressive increase in sales.

The importance of pre-sales for a distributor is as high as possible. This process ensures closer contact with the consumer, even if physical distance is necessary, favors highly personalized service and customer loyalty.

Now that you know the importance of pre-sales for your business, how about discovering strategies to increase your revenue in a time as complicated as the one we are experiencing?

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