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Investing in marketing for distributors of pet shop products can help attract customers and, consequently, increase the revenue of your business. After all, your products and your brand will be promoted, becoming better known to the public.

To better understand the importance of this strategy, we highlight below some results that marketing is capable of providing for your distributor. We also select tips for you to implement it in your company.

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Why is marketing to distributors important?

Distributors tend to serve a smaller range of customers than retailers, as they usually work with the marketing of many products for sale. Due to this particularity, it is important that they can be easily found by their potential customers, since each closed deal means the sale of a considerable volume of goods.

If a prospective customer cannot find your distributor, the tendency is for them to buy from a competitor and only go back for new products after a long time, when their stock decreases – which can take time.

However, when investing in marketing, its distributor of products for pet shops becomes better known in the network of retailers and end consumers who purchase items for pets.

Depending on your performance, you will be able to attract potential consumers from regions more distant from your locality and even customers different from what you are used to serving. For example, animal associations, pet holding companies, veterinary clinics, etc.

What are the benefits of investing in marketing?

There are several benefits of investing in marketing for distributors of pet store products. Here are some of the main ones:

  • improvement in brand positioning;
  • attracting consumers and increasing sales;
  • elevation of ticket medium, as customers will be able to know more products and have access to a greater number of offers that are part of marketing actions;
  • customer loyalty;
  • possibility to serve different audiences;
  • building a corporate image of reference in its segment;
  • improves the chances of successful launch of new products;
  • makes the distributor better known and, thus, facilitates the formation of partnerships that can enhance its results.

How to start marketing actions at your distributor?

If you intend to carry out marketing actions to benefit your company, but do not know where to start, the first thing to do is to assemble a marketing team. She will be responsible for taking care of campaigns, promotional materials, social media, among other actions.

Another option is to outsource your distributor’s advertising, promotion and advertising activities to a marketing agency. In this way, it will take charge of making your business better known and defining actions to attract customers.

In fact, even if you have your own team in the area, forming a partnership with an agency can be beneficial. This is because your employees will be able to exchange experiences and knowledge with the team of this partner. It will also be able to perform actions already tested with other customers, reducing the time needed to obtain good results.

Another tip that can help your distributor is to invest in digital marketing. In addition to being able to reach a wide audience in the online environment, it is possible to apply strategies that generate satisfactory results without having to invest a large sum of money. For example, when working with content marketing and social media.

  • In short, marketing to pet product distributors is important to capture pet shops as customers. In addition, well-planned and applied strategies can make a company more competitive, allowing it to stand out amidst segment competition.
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