What is pet care? Know the benefits for your pet

In the midst of economic crises, the pet market remains unscathed, thanks to the change in consumer behavior. However, this does not just mean that people are buying more products at pet stores – this change is directly linked to the way we relate to our pets today.

In recent decades, cats and dogs have ceased to be seen only as good company and have become members of our families. Occupying a prominent place in our routine, it is precisely because of this strong bond that we go to great lengths to see them well. This is where the concept of pet care emerges.

After all, what is pet care? Why is the term hot today and what does it translate to? Stay with us, understand the subject and know what benefits it brings to your furry!

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What is pet care?

In free translation, pet care means “pet care”. However, the concept goes far beyond just offering food, vaccines and a bath now and then. Pet care aims to promote the true welfare of animals that live with us.

Man’s relationship with animals is very old, and his domestication has always been related to a mutual exchange of advantages. For example, we offer food for dogs in exchange for their help in the hunt; we offer shelter for cats in exchange for their help to control rodent populations.

However, over time, we have seen this relationship change. Animals started to share more spaces in our homes and today they are part of our family, participate in numerous activities with us and even share our beds.

This care is a consequence of the priceless benefits that living with animals brings us. And pet care was born, then, from our desire to repay the unconditional love that they give usmutual exchange of advantages.

What are the examples of pet care?

Next, see some of the care that is being perfected to bring well-being to pets.

Pet Sitter and Accommodation

Gone are the days when, when tutors traveled, they left twice as much water and food for pets. Today we know that they need much more than that to be well alone and we entrust their daily care to pet sitters or to specialty hotels.

Dog Walker

Dogs have a great need to socialize, exercise and investigate the world around them. For those who live in an apartment and / or do not have enough time to take their furry walks every day, dog wakers are willing to do this, stimulating canine instincts.

Pet daycare

Pets can also suffer from depression and separation anxiety. To get around the problem, it is increasingly common for tutors who spend many hours away from home to take their furry to pet daycare. After spending the day with other animals in an enriching environment, they return home with their tutors.

Health care and nutrition

Loving an animal also means taking care of its health. Thus, vaccines and medicines, as well as food are specially developed to meet the physiological demands of animals and improve the functioning of their organism and their health in general.

What are the benefits of pet care for animals?

It is not very difficult to imagine the benefits that all this care generates for our furry ones, is it not? Dogs and cats love – and need – our company and our attention. When we attend to the basic needs of the nature of each species and we value offering them a rich and stimulating life, their well-being and their joy are clear.

Animals grow strong, vigorous and do not develop behavioral disorders. In addition, the deep pet care promotes the general health of dogs and cats and prolongs their life, with quality – especially when they receive a balanced and specific food for each case.

So find out now what is the ideal food for dogs and see food tips for them!

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