what my cats eat and why.

Feline feeding: what my cats eat

Eating is good and we love it, right? And our meles obviously too (mine at least are crazy about food for food). But how to feed them correctly so that they have a quality of life? Well… here I come again saying that this is my experience, each mele is a mele, I’m not a vet, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m just a cat mom who loves them very very much. Therefore, always consult your veterinarian for questions about everything from your mele, including food.

Nine out, let’s go there. We always see people saying “not because natural feline food is great”, “not because sachet or thinking”, “not because there must be a source of water”, “not because chocolate or thinking”, “not because supermarket kills ”. Ok, there are several things that we should not give to our pets and, of course, that a quality food also counts. Now, I don’t take it hard, no. Even Pam was my cat during his student days and, therefore, very scarce of resources (let’s say eheheh) and he ate whatever food he had available. He lived until he was 19 years old. Pam also ate everything he asked for (chicken, meat, fish, mostly), of course in balanced amounts. A few pieces of ham there, a little flesh here (even a little chocolate lick now and then).

My melezinho, little angel, little star on the table

I am of the opinion of the balance in feline (and human, etc) feeding. When Buneco came here, I realized that he really enjoyed food. Meat, ham, cheese, papaya, watermelon eheheh… so I thought that suddenly I could make this natural food for him. But then I started reading about it … Jesus! It has a whole series of instructions, and how much carbo, how much fiber, how much protein, type of carbo fiber protein… and yet it is necessary to supplement with taurine, with vitamin I don’t know how many, with bla bla bla… very difficult! And then they still ask why we prefer food. Unless people have time, money and a lot of patience, natural food is a strong task. (People, please, I am not despising or underestimating the natural feline diet, just giving my opinion that for me it is not possible).

Buneco eating watermelon

Okay, but how should feline food be?

Again, I will speak as I (Cristine, cat lover, not vet) do. Balance and vet consultations. Buneco is currently eating Golden puppy food. But he also eats ham, turkey blanquet, chicken, meat, fish, papaya, yogurt (in small quantities, of course!)… Pingo has high triglycerides (and he ONLY eats food, he doesn’t like anything else, besides oysters – one day I need to write a text about it, Pingui’s love for oysters), so he’s eating Royal Canin’s Satiety ration. He had even lost 500 g, but with Buneco here, he started to nibble on puppy chow (difficult to separate food !!!); now he hasn’t done that anymore.

Pingo and oyster

Oh, guys, and a little bag every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone, right? And water! From the fountain, the pot, the tap, the shower. A lot of water!!!

And you? How do your meles live? What do they feed on? (Watch now on Globo Repórter… brinks! Eheheh).

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