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Why and how to implement online sales in your company?

More than 20 years have passed since the internet became popular in Brazil. Since then, the consumer behavior changed: today, in addition to people searching for information on the net before purchasing something, about 74% of Brazilians prefer to shop online.

However, this habit intensified considerably in 2020, as the new coronavirus pandemic imposed restrictions on the functioning of establishments and the circulation of the population on public roads. The internet, therefore, was the means found by companies from the most varied sectors and of all sizes to boost sales or even prevent them from closing their doors.

Pet shops and veterinary clinics are not out of this scenario and, if you still do not make sales online, it is time to enter the virtual world. Continue with us and see how to implement your store’s e-commerce!

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As we mentioned, the current consumer researches a lot about the product or service before making any purchase. In addition to this, it allows him to find exactly what satisfies his need, buying online allows access to items that are not physically close to him. In other words, the customer has more options to choose from, and the store has a greater public reach.

However, the current context is pandemic – which increased Brazilian e-commerce by 81% compared to the same period last year. This means that the internet is an ally of entrepreneurs and can minimize the impacts that the coronavirus has caused in retail.

Below are some points you should be aware of when implementing your online sales. Look at that.

The sales platform is the basis of your e-commerce, so it must be of quality, organized, visually pleasing and responsive (that works well on smartphones, computers and tablets). In addition, it must be flexible so that you can change it according to your preferences and needs.

There are three types of platforms available:

  • free – are more limited, not allowing you to customize your page;
  • open source – are free, but you need to have specific knowledge about the platform or hire experts. In addition, they do not support;
  • paid – make it possible to personalize the site and usually offer quality support. However, they charge a percentage of their revenue.

E-commerce Brasil developed a list with currently available platforms.

Here, you need to ensure safety for the customer, but also your own. So, in addition to defining a company or method that protects you from fraud, you should think about which way to receive payments that best meet your demands (via payment intermediaries, via payment gateways or via direct integration with the acquirer).

As for customer safety, it is essential that you worry about it. First, because customers themselves expect to buy from trusted online stores; second, because it is your obligation to protect your buyers’ data. E-commerce Brasil also maintains a list of security providers.

After creating the platform and investing in security, it’s time to attract visitors. To attract new customers, invest in the following marketing actions:

  • content marketing – is one of the best ways to engage your audience, bringing great results in the long run. Provide relevant information for people to be interested in knowing your products and services;
  • social networks – mark your presence on social networks. This is the simplest (and cheapest) way to get close to your audience, so, disseminate valuable content and, of course, your store;
  • Google Adwords – is Google’s ad tool. Generates a good volume of visitors on the site, being very important for the first sales;
  • conversion lift – after increasing traffic to your site, you need to think of ways to increase the conversion rate, that is, turning potential customers into real consumers. Study the possibility of use tools like countdown clock, exit pop-ups and more;
  • e-mail marketing – e-mail marketing represents one of the best sales channels in e-commerce. Keep a list of your customers’ contacts so that you can sell to them again.

After making your sales, never forget your customers. After all, in addition to the possibility of them buying from you again, they can recommend your site to other consumers. So, keep captivating them and offer support if you have difficulties or questions regarding your products or services.

Okay, now you know what the first steps are to implement online sales. In addition to being part of the digital transformation, e-commerce has become a necessity in times of social detachment. For those who are aware, it is an opportunity for the business to grow.

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