Why do cats like cardboard boxes so much?

Those who live with cats know the fascination they have with boxes, especially cardboard ones. It is very common, in fact, for tutors to buy extremely comfortable beds for their pussies, but to see the hairy ones squeeze to fit in partially destroyed boxes.

After all, why do cats like cardboard boxes so much? And why do they destroy them, if they love them so much? That’s what we’ll talk about here. Stay with us and understand!

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Why do cats like boxes?

There is a very simple reason why cats like boxes, especially if they are small: they are a great hiding place for them. Our domestic cats today still have a strong wild instinct and need to have mastery of the environment in which they live, in addition to the need to protect themselves.

Not that your home offers great dangers for furry, mind you, but they just can’t ignore something that might make them safer. In fact, it is very likely that you thought “Ignore? The only thing my cat ignores in this house is me! ”.

Yes, the curiosity of pussies it’s another reason why they like cardboard boxes so much. Did you arrive with news from the street? Do not expect anything less than a thorough inspection of all objects!

Why is cardboard the preferred material?

Every animal needs a den to take shelter, whether it is living on the street, in nature or inside our homes – and the cashier performs this function fully. However, if you make two boxes available for your cat, one made of cardboard and the other made of different material, he will certainly prefer the first.

The reason for this is also no mystery: cardboard is great for scratching! While it is soft, allowing the pussy to pierce and tear the material (just as it would with prey in the wild), cardboard is tough enough to keep its claws sharp. Here’s why they destroy them after a while.

Another reason that leads them to spend hours of their day inside them is that cardboard is a great thermal insulator and, therefore, keeps its interior fresh or warm. Finally, it is still speculated that cats like these boxes so much simply because they are fun!

This passion is not exclusive to domestic cats. The big cats also can’t resist the four walls of the cardboard boxes!

a study published in 2014 he also found that cats that have contact with boxes feel much less stressed and show more interest in interacting with humans. The authors state that this is due to a behavioral strategy of cats under a stressful situation: to retreat and hide. Interesting, isn’t it?

Okay, now you know why cats love a cardboard box so much. When we analyze their instinctive and ancestral behaviors, it is very easy to understand this fascination, do you agree? So, from time to time, remember to offer a box to satisfy your pussy’s treats! But be careful when choosing the box, cats are sensitive to various substances and this could lead the animal to intoxication, so always offer boxes that were used to pack food, these being the safest for your pussy.

Want to go beyond the simple paper box? So, know, now, how to build a playground for your cat!

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